Do you have a training plan? Is your training plan a balanced plan? Today I want to talk about why you should have a training plan and why it should be a balanced plan.

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June 10, 2018 Newsletter

Do you have a balanced training plan?

This week on social media I've been talking about why it's important to have a training plan and why that training plan should be balanced. You should have a goal that you're working towards. This doesn't mean your goal always has to be a race or a certain distance or a pace. As long as you goal is specific, measurable, attainable, realistic and time based you're good to go. In between racing or big goals you have the flexibility to work on "fun" goals, like trying new fitness classes or a new sport or maintaining your running base while running for the love of running. Your training plan is your road map to reach your goal. In order to know if your training plan works for you, you need to know what you're working on.

There are a couple of reasons I'm so big on having a training plan, and no it's not just because I'm a coach. Your training plan serves as the roadmap to reach your goals, but it also helps manage your training load. Let's say you don't have a training plan and you run when you feel like it. You could potentially put yourself at a higher risk or injury or burn out based on the workouts you do and the order you do them in. I talked about managing your training load in a prior newsletter. You can read that here. Now that being said I don't believe a training plan should be set in stone. Life happens, as does sickness and injury and that's okay. I repeat that's okay. Remember we run to add value to our lives. There's three ways I suggest you manage being flexible with your training.

1) If you skip a workout move on to the next workout when you're feeling better. If you've missed a couple in a week you can repeat the week's workouts when you're able to resume working out.

2) If you're working with a coach, let them take the wheel. They will manage your training load with keeping your goal in mind.

3) If you have some knowledge of how to build a training plan, and what workouts you can put back to back and how to progress your plan you can adjust your own workouts but remember to listen to your body!

I would strongly advise against doubling up on workouts. If you missed a workout that's okay, move forward not backwards.

The second part to having a training plan is having a balanced training plan. When I say balanced I'm looking for a training plan to incorporate the following components.

1) Cardio, for runners this is usually running

2) Strength training

3) Flexibility training

4) Rest

I'm a big believer that runners should do more than just running. Strength training will help you have the muscular endurance to maintain good form while racing. It will also help balance out your muscle groups provided that you work opposing muscle groups. Flexibility training will help increase your range of motion, which can make you faster. It also helps reduce your risk of injury. Rest is a part of your training plan not an after thought. Your body needs to rest and recover from the strain you put on it. I like see see athletes taking 1-2 rest days a week. Your rest days should be just as epic as your training. 

I hope this will help you understand why it's not only important to have a training plan, but a balanced training plan. If you have any questions send me an e-mail or reach out on social media. I love answering your questions!


Weekly Challenge: Rest

Every week I give you a weekly challenge based on the topic of my newsletter. The purpose is to help you apply the topic I'm talking about to your training. I know this can get overwhelming so we are going to have some fun this week. This week I'm challenging you to have an epic rest day.

Spend your rest day resting and don't feel guilty about it. If it's nice out find a hammock and relax. If it's not there's always Netflix. Treat your rest day as seriously as your training day and have fun with it!

I hope you enjoy this challenge!

Let me know how this challenge goes by e-mail or on social media!

Are You Using a Cookie Cutter Training Plan?

Sometimes we get so excited about signing up for a race that we google training programs and after looking through a couple print one out and declare it our new training plan. I think cookie cutter training plans are a great starting point and help make running more accessible. I however strongly believe that everyone should have a plan that works for them and their life. I know not everyone wants a coach or can afford one which is why I created Running Strategy Sessions. I work with you to take your cookie cutter training plan and make it work for your goals and your life. Through two voice or video calls I will help make changes to your training plan and follow up to see how your changes are working. This won't create a new training plan from scratch for you but it will tweak your plan so it works for you. I'd love to work with you to help make your training plan better. See the link above or e-mail me for more details. 

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