Hi Gorgeous,


First of all I want to thank all of you who were interested in joining my ARC team! Even though I can't let everyone in due to the limited openings, I am surely very grateful for all your support! You are so awesome!


This week I have prepared two little teaser images for you! Hmmm,,while Cassy might hate Ivan when they first met, she surely couldn't deny his attraction! 


Now I have to get back to writing the next book ;).


Have a good day.



P.S. Don't forget to check out the Goodies I have prepared for you below!


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I made a pact with Adele ten years ago—
if we were both single by our 30th birthdays,
we would make a baby.
We'd both get what we wanted. She'd get a family.
And I'd have the key to inheriting a billion dollars.
Years passed and I never expected to see Adele again or take her up on it.
But when my marriage explodes six months before my twenty-ninth birthday,
there’s only one woman I want to see.
The woman I've never really let go.
I just pray that she’s still single.
If not, I have a fortune I can’t inherit.
But if so, I might win the biggest treasure:

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