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An Open Invitation from Asociación de Cetrería y Conservación de Aves de Presa del Paraguay to IAF Members

March 16th 2018

"Dear IAF members,

It is my pleasure to invite you to have a week of falconry in my country Paraguay. The idea is bonding with falconers from other countries and sharing hunting journeys with friends. That is why the invitation is very simple, but with the promise to make our best to have a wonderful experience showing our falconry.

The dates set for this meeting are from July 9th until July 16th of 2018. The raptors that we are flying are: aplomado falcon (Falco femoralis), bat falcon (Falco rufigularis) peregrine falcon (Falco peregrinus) with Pointer dog. We are also going out with our Spizaetus Ornatus and our Golden Eagle,which we are training to hunt! The programe we are preparing is:

Monday 9: Arrival and accommodation (depending numbers we will rent a house or a hostel)

Tuesday 10: Hunting in Surubi’i 

Wednesday 11: Hunting in Surubi’i

Thursday 12: Hunting in San Pedro (to be confirmed)

Friday 13: Mbaracaju National Park Reserve, accommodation, eco adventure, exploration.

Saturday 14: Activities at the national park, lunch and then going back to Asunción.

Sunday 15: Hunting in Pirayu, lunch in San Bernardino, and Hunting in Surubi’i 

Monday 16: Departures

Approximate costs for accomodation at the hostel vary from 20 to 30 USD a night. The night at the National Park Lodge with all meals included are 50 USD and activities from 5-10 USD.

Transportation will be a courtesy of the ACCAPP. For better organization the dead line to confirm your attendance will be June 20th.

It is proper to anounce that this will be the FIRST INTERNATIONAL FALCONRY MEETING IN PARAGUAY and we hope you can join us!"

Dr. Vet. Raúl Palacios Princigalli President ACCAPP Cetrería en Paraguay

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