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March 11, 2018 Newsletter

No Pain, No Gain?

Everyone has phases and sayings that make them cringe. As a trainer there's many fitness sayings that make me cringe, one of them being 'no pain no gain'. It bothers me for several reasons. I worry that people think they have to work out at high intensity to see results. I worry people think it's okay to continue working out while in pain and I worry it minimizes the importance of rest.

The truth is you shouldn't workout when you're in pain. Pain is your body's way of saying 'something's wrong!' Now it's important to note there is a difference between muscle soreness and pain. It's okay if your muscles are tired from your workout, but never workout in pain. It's okay to cut a workout short. You're smarter to listen to your body than to try and push through it. In fact I never recommend pushing through pain.  I always recommend seeking medical attention for any pain. I have a short video on my Facebook Page on when not to exercise. 

I worry people think 'no pain no gain' means they need to always be working at a high intensity. The truth is you should be varying the intensities of your workouts. Different intensities have different purposes and help push you towards your goal. It's okay to work at different intensities, you'll probably find it more enjoyable too!

I also worry that 'no pain no gain' minimizes the importance of rest. Rest is a part of your training not an afterthought. In fact smart training plans always keep recovery in mind. One way that can be done is by alternating hard/easy workouts unless you're working different systems. Your rest days should be just that, rest! Sit back and let your body recover!

So yes, every time I see 'no pain, no gain' I'm cringing and hopefully you now understand why! 

Weekly Challenge: Listen

This week's challenge is to listen to your body. During all of you workouts ask yourself 'how does this feel?' You'll be surprised how much you can learn by just listening.

Keep a log and let me know how it goes!

Strength Training for Runners

Next week's newsletter is on strength training for runners. If you have any questions on strength training send me a message or connect on social media. I hope to answer as many of your questions as I can.

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