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Author Interview with John David Bucanan

This Writers Of SciFi Author Interview is with John David Bucanan. Follow him in Facebook , Twitter, or on his Website.

Name: John David Buchanan

Question 1) When did you first realize you wanted to be a Sci-Fi writer?

I've always been interested in science fiction. My daughter and I started reading a fantasy series together when she was ten years old. It was during those readings that I thought I would like to write. My previous interests, science background, and overactive imagination seemed like a perfect fit for writing science fiction.

Question 2) What authors and books inspire your writing?

Douglas Adams - A Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy; JK Rowling - Harry Potter series; Stephen R Donaldson - The Chronicles of Thomas Covenant.

Question 3) Are you an extrovert or introvert? How well do you like book signings and other interaction with readers?

I'm neither an extrovert or introvert. Being number three out of five children might explain why. I get charged up around people, but I don't necessarily seek people out. I haven’t bothered with book signings yet, but I like to hear readers thoughts. It would be great if there was a way for readers to post book reviews, so indie authors could get some much needed feedback. I’m not usually sarcastic.

Question 4) What is unique about writing in your genre?

Science fiction has no limits, because science has no limits. There are always new scientific discoveries to fuel the "what if" question. Science fiction is unique because it is boundless, not to mention, what other genre lets you apply scientific oddities to newly imagined worlds.

Question 5) Have you ever created a character with an actor or a person you know in mind?

Absolutely, but most of mine are actually blends. An example would be the character Wayne in the Jump Starting the Universe series. His character's musical ability and cool demeanor are borrowed from two very real people.

Question 6) What inspires you to write?

The challenge of having an idea, developing it, writing the story, and seeing it published. And, there is nothing like someone saying how much they loved the book.

Question 7) Are you Self-, Indie-, or Traditionally published? Why?

I'm an indie. I don't have time for the grind of traditional publishing.

Question 8) Do all authors have to be grammar perfectionists; or do you use a Copy Editor?

I use every resource available. My grammar is good, but I try to make time in the publishing schedule for several friends to look over my books before they go public. I read each book three times before it’s published. Even so, things often sneak through.

Question 9) “Writing is a get-rich-quick scheme.” And, “All writers are independently wealthy.” How true?

That's sarcasm right? Assuming the question is talking about monetary wealth than nothing could be farther from the truth for average writers. But, if the questions are broadened to allow personal satisfaction, sense of accomplishment or pride, as the currency instead of dollars, then it is absolutely true for every writer who finishes and publishes their work.

Question 10) Plotter or Pantser (free flowing)? Do you write from an outline, or just start writing and go with the flow?

As Sheryl Crow sang - every day is a winding road and I feel fine. I'm not using outlines yet. I just sit down and let it flow.

Question 11) What is the secret to becoming a best-selling author?

Most likely it’s something I'm not doing. I think the secret is to keep writing until you’re discovered. That might take a while. Then again, I'm already the best selling author I've ever been.

Question 12) Do you write book reviews? How important are reviews for your work?

I write book reviews. They are the second most important part of selling books. The first is a great book cover. People do judge books by their cover in spite of judicious advice to the contrary. They see the book cover, then they glance at reviews (whose average star ratings are not really accurate until there are at least ten or more), then they might read the book description or the first thirty pages or so of an eBook sample. The writing should be number one in importance, but no one will ever see what a great writer you are if the cover offends readers so badly they don't open the ruddy book.

Question 13) Do you have a favorite book or series you have written? Which one?

Jump Starting the Universe is my first series. I've started another called The Obsession of Dr. Pendergrass. Check back with me and I'll tell you which one wins the Favorite book award. So far, World Eaters has the lead.

Question 14) What are you working on next?

The Obsession of Mr. Pendergrass is my current project. It's a thriller about a doctor in London in the late 1800s.

Question 15) Have a favorite Author Question? What is it? Please Answer.

Is there really magic dust for writing an award winning book, and is it the same dust that gets Cheech and Chong's Santa Cleese around the world in one night?

Any Other Comments You Would Like To Share?

I like to write, but it doesn't control my life because I'm also a musician. So, I make time for writing and performing. Between writing books, writing songs, and performing, I get a major dose of sensory overload. I recently started another venture, Fly By Art, and that takes some of my time also.

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