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Overtime Pay on Sunday - Update 1


Dear All,

My company is reviewing OT pay scale on Sundays. Currently, we have a clause that as long as an employee work more than half day (5 hours), he or she will be entitled to whole Sunday OT pay.

This clause seems reasonable and creates lots of troubles, for example, some people will take the advantage of this clause to only arrange OT for half day on Sunday.

Does your company also have similar rules? Is it being applied to most companies?

By the way, we are in manufacturing industry.

Thanks & looking forward to your advice.





For payment of overtime, you have to follow the Employment Act. If your employees are non executive, You are required to pay them accordingly. If Sunday is their rest day, if their overtime less than half of their normal working day, you have to pay one day pay,. If more than half day, you have to pay 2x as it is their rest day.




We are in the manufacturing industry too. We only allow employees to claim 2.0 x of their hourly rate on Sunday. So even if they come to work for 1 hour or 10 hours, they are still entitled to 2.0 x of their hourly rate x number of hours.




If the employee is covered under employment act, then you have to follow the pay rate for off and rest day. Please check Mom website for more information. Even if they arrange in such manner, you will still need to pay per the EA guideline. 



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