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As I mentioned last week, I love research! In my next novel, the third in the McDougalls series, the majority of the story takes place in the Highlands, of course. However our lovely heroine is a fashion-loving Englishwoman, which means much research on Victorian-era dress had to be done!

Of course the Victorian era covers a long span of time, from 1837 until 1901 -- from when Queen Victoria ascended the throne until her death. Focusing, then, on the 1880s, provides some need for creativity as there were actually differing fashions of the time. Dresses were often highly ornamented, with textures, ruffles, and accessories. At the same time, more women than ever before were working and taking part in physical activity, and so required clothing that allowed for movement.

The bustle returned in the 1880s, growing from early in the decade until about 1886, before decreasing in size again. The same occurred with skirts -- they were narrow at the beginning of the period, then widening until narrowing once more.

Of course, all are rather beautiful -- wouldn’t you love to wear one?

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Love For All Times Trilogy Contest
Love For All Times Trilogy

Weekly Reads

A Little Steamy

The Lady's Smile

By Fiona McKellar

Gelis Ratry left the simplicity of her family's farm to find out what else life had to offer. And what better way to find out than moving in with her aunt Lorna, the innkeeper of a rowdy seaside tavern, The Lady's Smile, situated on the road from Inverness to Aberdeen. Helping out with the inn is certainly livelier than the farm, and dangerous. Gelis handles the daily characters and rough men of the tavern with finesse, but a troop of malicious soldiers might be a little more than she can handle. Thomas Grant is a giant roving highlander. With half of his family lost in the war and the other half lost to the plague, he spends most of his time looking for the next drink. But despite his drinking habit, his heart is searching for a deeper passion. Good thing he shows up at The Lady's Smile just in time to fight off a band of despicable musketeers looking to have their way with Gelis. 

The Lady’s Smile is a 30,000-word adventurous medieval Scottish romance with no cheating, no cliffhangers and a happily ever after ending. 

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He's a Duke, But I Love Him

By Ellie St. Clair

After five seasons, Lady Olivia Jackson has despaired of ever finding the man she is searching for -- a man who will allow her the freedom to live life as she pleases. Her deepest desires are not the typical pastimes of a lady. Using a pseudonym, Olivia puts her intellect to use writing a financial column, and yearns for a life of fun and adventure. Her mother, unfortunately, has other ideas.

Upon the unexpected death of his father, well-known rake and charmer Alastair Finchley is thrust into the role of Duke of Breckenridge. The title, however, also comes with massive amounts of debt which his father accumulated at the horse track and the gambling tables. This life of responsibility is not one which Alastair would have chosen, and he is determined to maintain his rakish ways in all other aspects.

When Olivia and Alastair renew their acquaintance, they are shocked by the depths of their desire for one another. They each determine, however, that giving in is not worth the potential consequences -- or is it?

He’s a Duke, But I Love Him is a 60,000-word romance with no cliffhangers, no cheating, and a guaranteed happily ever after!

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Sweet and Wholesome

The Counterfeit Duke

By Agnes Forest

Essex, England (1812)

Andrew wishes he could turn back time, make another choice in his life. He is not at all whom he proclaims to be. And the woman who has captured his heart is not at all whom he should consider marrying. 

When he meets Ella, he realizes covering up his growing feelings for her may be harder to hide than the fact he’s not really a duke. 

Only by unmasking his past can he unleash his love. 

This is a clean stand-alone historical Regency Romance novella.

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