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Happy Tuesday!

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Today I want to share with you a few of my favourite things -- currently! I would also like to know what you are enjoying these days. Please head over to my Facebook page to discuss, or for a more private discussion, join Ellie St. Clair’s Ever Afters. This month we are reading He’s a Duke, But I Love Him as part of our book club, and will be discussing May 31st.

Ok, here goes!

What I'm Wearing

Lulu Lemon Align Crop 

What I’m Eating

Nature’s Path Love Crunch Granola on top of smoothie bowls!


What I'm watching:

Jane the Virgin on Netflix

What I’m listening to

Leon Bridges

What I'm Passionate About

1percent for the planet

a movement that is helping save our planet

Have a wonderful week, everyone!

With love,


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Weekly Reads


The Duke and His Scoundrel

By Eliza McGrey

A long-lost son.
An elderly Duke.
The chance to inherit everything.
Thomas Copper is a man struggling to survive. When he hears about an elderly Duke looking for his long-lost son, he decides to throw caution to the wind and try to wheedle his way into the Duke’s graces.
When things go better than expected, Thomas is quite content to continue with his new life as the heir to the Dukedom. He is easily able to ignore the stab of guilt whenever the Duke looks at him with fondness in his eyes, telling himself that it’s a good outcome for them both.
But then a stranger appears at the house. One neither the Duke or Thomas were expecting.

Lady Mina Fullworth doesn’t want to be here. She doesn’t want to do what her father has demanded but she has very little choice. The last thing she expects is to fall in love with the new heir to the Dukedom.

Will Thomas fall for Lady Mina? Will he be able to keep his secrets to himself or will the guilt he feels force him to tell her the truth? And what will happen if he does?

Buy on Amazon

Lady Vivian

By Agnes Forest

“Have you ever heard a story about a woman marrying for love?”

Lady Vivian Ravenswood has the future determined for her; a wealthy husband, a place in high society, a cadre of exclusive friends; and none of that suits her. Could she pick her destiny, Vivian would choose adventure in the rolling hills, endless afternoons in the dusty garden, and a husband who speaks to her heart; no matter what his income might be.

One magical evening at Almack’s - London’s most exclusive club - Lady Vivian runs into the dashing Lieutenant Sawyer Cook and discovers that her future is not so set in stone. Romance ensues, scandals are wrought, and real identities are revealed. Trapped between duty and longing, Lady Vivian must come to grips with the very notion of fate.

Lady Vivian is a 70,000 word clean and wholesome Regency-era romance novel. It makes the first volume of Almack's Assembly Rooms. Each book of the series can be enjoyed as a stand-alone, or read as a collective.

Buy on Amazon now

With his Lady's Assistance

By Cheryl Bolen

To help him mingle in the highest echelons of English society to investigate threats on the Prince Regent's life, super spy Captain Jack Dryden must feign an engagement to the exceedingly plain spinster, Lady Daphne Chalmers. Together they embark on an investigation which brings them into grave peril – and makes the captain reevaluate the skinny maiden who has a most amorous effect upon him.

Download Free!

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