Do you know when you shouldn't run? Today I want to talk about when not to run. Runners love to run but it's not always smart to run.

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June 3, 2018 Newsletter

Should I run?

Sometimes I feel like I scroll through twitter and tell people not to run. I find runners know when they shouldn't run but feel like they should push through. I did a Facebook live video on when not to run last summer. You can watch it here. Let's talk about when you shouldn't run.

Let's start with sickness. Should you run when you're sick? It really depends. What are you sick with and how do you feel? Generally if your sickness involves chest congestion you shouldn't run, you need your lungs to breathe. If you have a head cold running depends on you. If you feel okay to run, try running but be prepared to stop if it's not going well. It's okay not to run when you're sick. I find that giving your body time to recover will allow you to come back to running quicker and stronger.

Should you run when you're injured? Hard no. Never run through an injury. When you should start running again depends on what your medical team says, not social media. Listen to your medical team. Running through an injury does not make you a stronger runner, it's incredibly reckless.

Should you run when it's hot and humid? This depends on how your body adapts. Everyone's body handles heat and humidity differently. If you do run be prepared to slow down your pace, hydrate more and cut your run short if you're feel poorly. Running in the trails, earlier in the day, later at night or inside in air conditioning are ways to help reduce the risk of the heat and humidity.

This one's for my post partum moms. Should I run when I'm leaking urine? This is a hard no. When you leak urine when you run it's a sign that your pelvic floor can't handle the load you've placed on it. Leaking urine is common after you've had a baby but it can usually be fixed with pelvic floor physiotherapy. If you're leaking when you run stop running and see a pelvic floor physiotherapist.

Should I run when I'm exhausted? This is a question all runners have to answer when their alarm goes off. For some runners a run will help energize them so it's a good idea to run. Others may be exhausted, had little sleep, and the extra hour of sleep will energize them. This is only a question you can answer, but know it's okay to skip a run when you're exhausted. 

The main thing I want you to take away from this newsletter is that it's okay not to run. Sometimes we tie our identity to running and we think if we don't run we lose that identity. I want you to know that it takes a strong runner to know when you need to sit a run out. It doesn't make you any less of a runner.

I think I've covered most of the 'should I run' situations. If I've missed one or you have more questions please connect with me on social media or send me an e-mail.  

Weekly Challenge: Runner's Guilt

This week I'm challenging you to make a plan to help avoid runners guilt. If we have a plan on what we can do when we can't run it can help mitigate runners guilt. Make a list of things you can do when can't run. I

f you are sick, you might just need rest. That's a good chance to catch up on netflix. If you're injured you might be able to do other forms of exercise. The type of exercise you might be able to do is dependant on the injury but you can always make your plan to see physiotherapist to find out what you can do.

Brain storm some ideas on what you can do when you can't run. I'd love to hear what you come up with!

Let me know how this challenge goes. If you need help send me an e-mail or reach out on social media.

Got Running or Strength Training Questions?

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I'll save the questions for a future newsletter. I will do my best to answer all of your questions.

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