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It's March, and spring is springing here in Nashville.  I just got home from a month on the road all through the Northeast US, Ontario and Montreal.  Yes, there was snow.  Epic snow.  And now, just like that, crocuses and robins are strutting about, like it's no big deal.  If only they knew how very big a deal they are!  It felt so good to get out there and connect with the people after a long 2016 mostly at home.. in bed.  But that's all behind me now.  

Viva Nashvegas!

This Saturday night is my 3rd Annual Anti-Valentine show in Nashville!  I know, it's late, but it is Anti-Valentine.  It's my annual night for me to pull out all the stops, bring in the full band, and really make some noise with songs of love and loss for all the brokenhearted.  I'll be dusting off some old rockers from my first album.  Man, I can't wait!  If you've got people in Music City, please send them my way!  It's always a blast.

Next up, Texas!

I've got shows in North and East Texas, and of course, my former home in Austin.  It's South By Southwest time in the "Live Music Capital of the World" - a giant music festival that has more than outgrown itself and makes Austin a rather unpleasant place to navigate for the week of its events.  But it's also an annual meeting of my tribe, the Folk Family reunion.  I'll be playing four unofficial showcases on the weekdays between real work on the weekends.  Then on to Baton Rouge before a short respite at home, and then a weekend in Florida.  Which, by the way, I could use your help: 

I Need HELP in South Florida!

Just today I got a regretful email canceling a South Florida show on Saturday, April 1st.  No joke!  If you know someone who might be interested in hosting a house concert on that date, anywhere in the vicinity of the southern half of the Sunshine state, I'd be more than thrilled to guide them through the process.  It's fun and easy!  Hit "Reply" and lets talk!

The Deets...

My upcoming shows are listed below, and full calendar details can be found here; Tour Dates.  If you can't make it to a show, I'd be awfully grateful if you'd forward this email to folks you may know in those places.  That's how this whole grass-roots independent musician thing works.  You tell two friends, then they tell two friends... 

Thank you!

Thanks for reading all the way to the end!  I hope it gets to be spring where you are.  And I hope to connect with you somewhere out there real soon!  Till then...


Art Prints

Did you know that I went to Art School in Halifax, Nova Scotia?  Yep.  Here's proof.  I take pictures and tweak them into beautiful shapes and colors.  You can order your very own signed Art Print on archival art paper today!  8"x10"s all the way up to 70"x62".  Click the button below to see them all in their full glory. 

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I have music you can order too...

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