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A Great Victory for Dems!

The unofficial results of Tuesday's election - not including absentee ballots - shows that I "beat the pants off" the incumbent Gerry Couch!

You might have received the original hateful negative mailer that the opposition sent out against the Newtown's Voice team (Linda Bobrin, Phil Calabro, and myself). How sweet it is to use the very image from that mailer to celebrate my victory over Couch. 

As documented in the following table, Linda and Phil also beat their opponents by wide margins! It was a great victory all around even though Alisa Monteiro did not win her race (she did give her opponent a run for the money though).

Thanks to everyone who voted for us! Our victory would not have been possible without the hard work of the entire Newtown's Voice team and all the volunteers who helped knock on doors, plant all those yard signs, and raised money for the campaign. Special thanks must be given to Supervisor Jen Dix who worked tirelessly to organize the campaign as well as doing a lot of campaigning.

John Mack for Newtown Supervisor