Star Nomad by Lindsay Buroker

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This week’s book is Star Nomad by Lindsay Buroker, a funny, action-packed space opera adventure. And its sequel, Honor's Flight!

The first book in this series is free. The second one is $3.99, and today I'm giving away 3 ebook copies — enter here on to win on Amazon (US Only).

Fighter pilot Captain Alisa Marchenko is just trying to get home to her daughter. But as she finds herself annoyingly shipless and stranded on a strange planet, her first order of business is to find a new ride.

She has a plan. Steal a freighter, gun the throttle, and blast on out of there.

What she doesn’t expect is to find an imperial cyborg soldier squatting in the freighter she’s planning to jack.

But not even that can stop her.

I zipped through this book, the first of a eight in the Fallen Empire series. It’s satisfying on its own, but hints at greater galactic mysteries. The characters have depth and the book is packed with interesting, three-dimensional conversations. They often surprised me with their secrets, and made me smile with witty banter.

Read it, enjoy it, let us know what you thought in the Facebook group.

See you next week with another SFF book.

-MG Herron

I want this book!


I really enjoyed this week's interview, with the author of Gods and The City, Steve Statham.

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