Washington's cynical use of refugee children

Nicole Colson | Donald Trump's hypocrisy--expressing pity for Syrian "babies" while keeping U.S. borders closed to them--isn't unique to the Republicans.

Arkansas speeds up its death machine

Lily Hughes | The state of Arkansas plans to execute seven people in 11 days--before its execution drugs expire.

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Parents occupy a school to save it

Peter Lamphere | The campaign to remove a principal who is waging war on teachers at a progressive New York school hit a new level of militancy.

"Freedom" from health care

Jacob Cook | Rep. Mark Meadows leads the "Freedom Caucus," which aims to give insurance companies the freedom to gouge us.

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The roots of the Russian subway bombing

Yurii Colombo | A suicide bomber who struck in the Russian city of St. Petersburg has focused attention on the Central Asian country he was from.

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