Live A Life You Love + Create A Better World At The Same Time

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With everything going on in the world–massive earthquakes, aggressive hurricanes and uncontrolled wildfires–it’s hard not to tumble into a state of overwhelm and feel mega-anxious about our shared future.

Rewind to the early 90s when we first learned about climate change as part of the “Kids for Saving Earth” club. In grade school, saving the planet became the most important mission of our lives. But by our 20s, the lack of progress left us feeling isolated and angry, contributing to Meenu’s spiral into depression and causing Pawan to completely shutdown in hopes of numbing the pain.

We felt so damn powerless in a system that was not respecting Mother Nature! But over the years, we realized that we could not remain paralyzed forever and we had to find a way to keep going.

Here are 3 techniques that have stabilized us during rocky times:

1. Feed Your Positive Mind: It’s easy to get caught up in the global doom and gloom. When we’re feeling low, we make it a habit to focus on the positives. For every negative story, there is surely a positive one, like this! These two surfer dudes quit their jobs to clean up our oceans.

2. Let Nature Rejuvenate You: Walk barefoot on the grass. Find a tree and give it a big hug. Lie in the dirt. Cry if you need to and allow the natural world to absorb your woes and ground you in the beauty of the present moment.

3. Live Your Truth Every Day: Your actions, as small as they may seem, play a HUGE role in creating the world we want to live in. Clear the cobwebs in your life for harmony between your inner truth and external reality.

Above all, recognize that Mother Earth is a regenerating force and if we just give her a chance, she can and will heal. She is calling on us to wake up, so let’s take positive action! That’s where our true power lies.

Keeping up,
Meenu & Pawan

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