He thought they had a love so strong nothing could ever tear them apart...

--------> KISSED SERIES <--------

She’s gone.

Every morning I wake up, and for a split-second…I don’t remember she left.

I don’t remember the unfounded accusations hurled my way, or how I wanted to rip the divorce papers into infinite pieces like she did to us.

But then I blink, and it all comes rushing back.

Every. Single. Day.

And night.

My dreams are filled with the raspy sounds of her voice urging me on, the bite of pain as her nails dig desperately into my back, and the way she looks to the heavens in awe as I push her over the edge.

And then…I wake up, and her side of the bed is as cold as my wrecked heart.


I’m not going to stop until I know why she threw us away.


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“Sign here, and then initial here, and here.”

Callie stared at the pen her lawyer laid before her. With only a few marks on a piece of paper, she’d end the best thing that had ever happened to her. Her eyes moved down to her hands clasped tightly in her lap. The promises she’d made with the shiny stone on her ring finger taunted her. She’d been so happy the day Marc asked her to marry him and placed the ring on her finger. Since that day she’d never once removed the diamond solitaire. Nine months of sheer bliss with the man she loved.

Her eyes began to water as the diamond swam in and out of focus. Hurting Marc was the worst part of it all. But hurting him now, by her own hand, was the only way she knew to protect him. 

“Callie,” Rebecca, her lawyer asked. “Do you have any questions?”

Callie shook her head and slowly picked up the pen. “No, no questions.” The cool metal felt heavy in her hand just like the burden she’d been carrying most of her life. She had nobody to blame but herself for ever thinking she could bury her past. She’d been distracted by the brilliance of her love for Marc and their relationship had moved too fast. They met, fell in love and were married in less than a month. He’d come into her life like a whirlwind and made her believe that she deserved to be happy. She didn’t. And now because she’d been too weak to walk away when she should have before things went too far, she now had to hurt the man she’d grown to love deeply and endlessly. It seemed cruel, but in fact, it was the exact opposite.

“Callie, are you sure you want to sign those papers?”

No, she didn’t want to sign them but there was no other way. “I’m sure.”

“I have to ask you again, is that the total amount you want? Marc is worth billions; you could be set for life if you’d ask for your fair share.”

Money. She’d give it all up if it meant she’d get to keep Marc. “I want no more than the amount I stated. Including the clause that additional funds are forever non-negotiable.”

Rebecca looked ready to argue the point again. “Callie you’re not even asking for alimony.”

Her eyes blazed and her voice rose. “I don’t want it, Rebecca. We were only married for nine months. It was a marriage that never should have happened in the first place.” Nine perfect months that she would cherish for the rest of her life. Well, it had been perfect until she’d accused Marc of being unfaithful. Since that day they’d had so many fights she’d lost count. She leaned forward to sign but Rebecca stopped her.

“One hundred thousand dollars isn’t going to go very far when you consider maintaining your lifestyle.”

Maintaining her lifestyle. That was a joke. The life she’d lived with Marc had been magical, like a dream come true. She could never replicate that without him. But that wasn’t her lifestyle. Penthouses, drivers, designer clothes, chefs, those weren’t her style. Marc had been all she’d ever wanted. Not things. She’d have no trouble returning to what she knew best. Straightening her back, and blinking to focus on the lines, Callie signed her name in the appropriate spots and pushed the papers away. “Are we finished here?”

Rebecca looked like she wanted to argue but then relented. “Yes, but I still wish you’d reconsider.”

Callie shook her head staring at the papers mocking her on the table. Her last remaining connection with Marc. “Do you have my check?”

Rebecca shuffled through a file and handed over a white envelope. With much more bravery than she actually felt, Callie took the check and stood on unsteady legs. She gave herself a moment for the dizziness to settle before turning around.

“Thank you, Rebecca. I’ll send my forwarding address once I’m settled.” But she wouldn’t. It would be better that she disappeared.

After shaking hands, Callie walked out of the New York office and never once looked back because if she did, she would crawl back to Marc and beg him to forgive her. And because she loved him to distraction, she could never do that.