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I fly to Greece today to begin two weeks in a small fishing village on the south coast of Crete - teaching at a songwriting retreat, and then retreating into myself before the rest of my European tour continues through the Netherlands, Germany, Sweden, England and Ireland.  I cannot wait!  Tour dates and details below...  
Please share my European itinerary with friends you know in those places! 

image by the brilliant Mark Tucker

The Fallow Year

That's the name of my upcoming album of songs that I will be recording in December. But the greater project in conjunction with this record is presenting concerts, talks and workshops on the topic of Emotional Truth-Telling. In my co-writing experiences with other songwriters I have discovered that I have a gift for drawing out, distilling and revealing to others their emotional truths in a manor that allows them to see themselves in life-changing ways. I want to take this process out into the world beyond songwriters, and do this work with: Individuals (one-on-one discoveries); executive offices (small group sessions for cultivating vulnerability, trust, integrity); students (for personal growth and shifted focus); and anyone else who might benefit from going deeper.

I'm looking to connect with one or more national mental health organizations to join forces in my mission: To increase awareness and acceptance, and decrease shame and stigma around mental health, addictions, and family dysfunction issues, that those who suffer will become empowered to seek help.

If you know someone in a leadership role in the field of Mental Health, Behavioral/Substance Addiction, or Family Dysfunction Issues I would love to be put in touch with them for a conversation!  You can always "Reply" and it will go directly to me.

I'm so excited about the coming months of productivity, first in Europe, then recording my new album ~ The Fallow Year ~ then launching a crowd-funding campaign (in February?) to put the record out.  I say this a lot, so I don't want it to get old, but...  ThAnK YoU so much for hanging with me through all these years of music on the road!  I literally could not do this without you coming to the concerts, buying CDs at shows (even though music is "free" these days), and otherwise bestowing upon me your warm wishes of support, encouragement and connection!!  It means the world to me!  The truth is, I would be doing this work regardless if anyone were listening or not.  But I'm so very grateful that you are!!!

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More dates are being finalized, and will be added to the calendar soon!  The most up to date itinerary can be found at:

September 7 - 14
Crete International Songwriter Retreat
I am the Invited Artist at this years retreat on the south coast of Greece's largest island.  Come bask in the sea salted air and get inspired!  
There is still space if you'd like to attend.  
Info here:

Sept 15 - 21
Writing Retreat

September 28 - October 5 
Available for bookings in Italy or the Netherlands

October 6
House Concert
Permerend, Netherlands

October 7
House Concert
Ede, Netherlands

October 9
Cobra bar
Solingen, Germany

October 10-13
Available for bookings in Germany

October 14
Berlin Gutiars
Berlin, Germany

October 15-17
Available for bookings in Germany or the Netherlands

October 19
JODA Bar&Kök
Visby, Sweden

October 20 
Fiket Burgsvik
Burgsvik, Sweden

October 21-30
Available for bookings in England

October 27
House Concert
Lichfield, England

November 3
Podium Cafe
Steendam, Netherlands

November 1-15
Available for bookings in the Netherlands and Germany

November 12 - 17
Available for bookings in Ireland

November 18

DC Music Club
Dublin, Ireland

November 20
Ballymore Acoustic Gigs
Ballymore Eustice, Ireland

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