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I know my next book will not be available for some time, but I have to tell you just how much I am enjoying writing about Roderick and his heroine Gwen! To tease you a bit, I can tell you that we start in the new world, but rest assured we spend most of the story in Scotland near our lovely Loch Ness.

If you haven’t already, now is the time to catch up with the McDougalls! The books are available below, sweet or steamy.

In the meantime, I have some book recommendations below -- a few different books, depending on your taste!

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Their Sweetheart City Love

By Emilee Harris

”Their Sweetheart City Love” is the second in author Emilee Harris' Colorado City Series, a Victorian Western Romance Series.
No secrets are buried forever…

One woman’s sacrifice…

It’s been twenty-six years since Lucille Manning made the hardest decision of her life, and lost the man she loved. Now, as she prepares to accompany her fiancé on a business trip to Loveland, her old love has reappeared and turned her world upside down. She’s not prepared for the feelings that assault her, a mix of bitterness, anger, and the reigniting of a flame that was never fully extinguished. But she can’t give in to the way her heart flutters when Rick looks at her, she has to commit to her marriage, it’s her last chance to make things right with her conscience…

…can be a lost man’s cause.

Rick, Duke St. Augustine, hasn’t been back to America since that fateful trip to Leadville decades ago, but his heart never really left. He’s still bitter at how quickly Lucy forgot him, but fate has irrevocably connected them through the marriage of their children. He doesn’t want to admit to the way his pulse still quickens at the sight of her. When a chance meeting with an old friend sheds new light on the animosity between them, Rick may be forced to make a decision that will cost him the love of his life…again.

”Their Sweetheart City Love” is a steamy western romance, and a great read for those who love second chance romance books. Emilee writes standalone romance books with happy endings. This book completes the tale of the main characters that began in the prequel. For more great reading, don't forget to check out all of Emilee's historical western romance kindle books!

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Sweet & Wholesome


Love is Kind: Mail Order Bride

By Ruby Hill

When Alice becomes a new mother and a widow all in the same night, her world falls apart. Can she ever learn to trust again?

When Alice agrees to marry Simon as a mail-order bride, she quickly realizes that her marriage is not what she imagined it would be. He does not allow her to go into town by herself, keeps her from having any friends, and expects her to cater to his every want.

Within months of moving to her new home with her new husband, she realizes she is pregnant. On the night she goes into labor, Simon unexpectedly dies, and Alice is left to tend to the farm by herself while trying to care for a newborn baby. Devastated and alone, she does not know how she will manage.

The townspeople come together to help the young, widowed mother. A handsome young man, Raymond, proves to be the biggest help in Alice’s greatest time of need. But, Raymond is hiding a secret, and he fears that he will lose Alice’s trust forever if he does not come clean.

Can Alice ever learn to trust again? Is Raymond worthy of Alice’s love?

If you love historical western and mail order bride romance books with twists and turns, you will love this sweet and clean romance story.

Authors Note: This is a clean, stand-alone romance. No cheating and no cliffhangers.

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The Highland Valiance Collection

By Fiona McKellar

Four adventurous medieval Scottish Highland romance stories filled with peril, twists, turns and love!

Held by a Highlander

When an English Lady, Georgina Bannerman, is kidnapped by Scottish Reivers, she finds the barbaric men loathsome. But while doing her best to make life difficult for the leader of her brutish guard, Alasdair McGregor, she soon discovers a softness in his eyes she didn’t know existed among such uncivilized men.

Alasdair has his own plans though. After taking his revenge on Sir Henry Drake through a ruthless ploy that uses Georgina as bait, the once cloistered English lady finds herself a prisoner in what used to be her betrothed’s castle.

If only she knew that her captor wanted her for more than just his thirst for revenge.

Pursued by the Shadow Knight

Being a beautiful redheaded heiress to a vast family fortune certainly has its perks, but Maigrait Vaus never thought it would get her abducted by her family’s rival clan, the despicable Colps.

Being forced to marry their loathsome son Rob is another downside to her position she never expected. But when the Colps’ are caught off guard by a highlander invasion, she seizes the opportunity to escape.

Her Father’s Protector

She spent her entire life in her clan’s castle being taught to be polite and civilized, being prepared for possible royalty, made to be the perfect lady of the castle. She was bred and raised for a single purpose—to be married off for her Laird father’s own political advantage.

When it is rumored that a neighboring clan is plotting to assassinate the Laird of Aldrich, Camy Crestwell’s family hires a bodyguard, Mathou Jameson, a rugged dirty highlander from the North with no manners and no filter, to hunt down the assassin.

Camy finds her prim and proper upbringing rudely disrupted by the rough highlander, but her heart is kindled with a surprising excitement when she is tasked with showing him around the castle. Perhaps having no filter and no discretion isn’t so bad after all—at least it’s a change from the mundane.

The Lady’s Smile

Gelis Ratry left the simplicity of her family's farm to find out what else life had to offer. And what better way to find out than moving in with her aunt Lorna, the innkeeper of a rowdy seaside tavern, The Lady's Smile, situated on the road from Inverness to Aberdeen. Helping out with the inn is certainly livelier than the farm, and a lot more dangerous. Gelis handles the daily characters and rough men of the tavern with finesse, but a troop of malicious soldiers might be a little more than she can handle.

Thomas Grant is a giant roving highlander. With half of his family lost in the war and the other half lost to the plague, he spends most of his time looking for the next drink. But despite his drinking habit, his heart is searching for a deeper passion. Good thing he shows up at The Lady's Smile just in time to fight off a band of despicable musketeers looking to have their way with Gelis.

The Highland Valiance Collection is a series of 4 standalone adventurous medieval Scottish romance novellas approximately 120,000 words long. A bonus story is included with the eBook version of the collection.

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Love of a Wild Rose

By Natalie Dean

1845, Oregon Trail, Independence Rock to Fort Hall

As the Macintosh family continues their journey along the Oregon Trail, the scouts come across a wagon accident. OR, could it be another murder.

Two survivors are left . . . a beautiful and frightened Lakota woman, with a tiny baby in her arms.

She will only let one man help her . . . Joel Macintosh.

There are many questions to be answered. One of which is . . . should they bring her back to camp?

Joel has enough of his own to deal with . . . as a pregnant family member is hovering between life and death.

As it turns out, Ojinjintka is far more than the helpless woman Joel thought her to be. What she does for his dying pregnant family member makes the Macintosh family feel forever indebted to her.

BUT, Joel’s been warned. Don’t fall in love with the Lakota woman.

That’s a major problem. He’s sworn he will protect her. And . . . she trusts him.

Will he heed the warnings he’s been given? OR, will he let love and honor lead the way . . .

Come along on the wagon train journey of a lifetime that promises everything – big dreams of love, green crops, horses, sheep and cows, large ranches – a new world at their fingertips!

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