15 June 2017

The Geopolitical Intelligencer

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Geopolitics & Empire with Stephen Kinzer: The True Flag of American Empire

Award-winning journalist, academic and author Stephen Kinzer discusses his latest book The True Flag: Theodore Roosevelt, Mark Twain, and the Birth of American Empire.

The Colder War

US deploys all its nuclear-capable strategic bombers to Britain for the first time amid growing tensions with Russia

Croatian president on relations with neighbors, and Russia

US Delegation From New York Set to Visit Russia in September

Understanding the geopolitics of terrorism

Is the Old NATO Dead?

Putin: Russia ready to grant asylum to former FBI Director James Comey

Is Vladimir Putin the #1 Threat to America or Its Security Partner in Waiting?

‘Up to 15 tons of depleted uranium used in 1999 Serbia bombing’ – lead lawyer in suit against NATO

Middle East & Africa

The United States and Iran: Two Tracks to Establish Hegemony

What is the Muslim Brotherhood?

How the Gulf row is blocking China’s new Silk Road

Christians Are Disappearing from the Middle East

The New Silk Road

India, Pakistan to join Shanghai pact

Volvo Begins Exporting S90 From China To Europe Via Rail Link

China's 'New' Silk Road's Flawed One-Way Design Will Flop

Setback in Sri Lanka for China’s silk road

China’s Belt and Road Initiative: rearranging global shipping?


Will There Be a Silk Road to South America?

23% of Puerto Ricans Vote in Referendum, 97% of Them for Statehood

Deep Politics

UAE paid $3bn to finance coup attempt in Turkey: Report

Oliver Stone Tells Colbert Israel Had More Influence than Russia on Election

Financial Crisis

Bitcoin bulls runs wild as cryptocurrency surges above $3,000

Premiums Spiked More Than 100% Under ObamaCare in Last 4 Years

Energy & Environment

Cerberus 2.0 predicts the disappearance of the Dutch population

Why the China-Myanmar oil pipeline is pivotal to China’s energy security

Surveillance & Technology

Pakistan sentences man to death for blasphemy on Facebook

Apple Could Spy on iPhone Users and Provide Real-Time Reports to the Police

UK May Regulate Internet Like China

Scientists are testing a “vaccine” against climate change denial

Quantum Computing Might Be Here Sooner Than You Think

U.S. intelligence agencies are surveilling everything

TSA is now using fingerprints as boarding passes

Swedish railway uses microchip implants

College students would give up their friends’ privacy for free pizza

‘CIA’s Cherry Bomb’: WikiLeaks #Vault7 reveals wireless network targets

Guadalajara Geopolitics Institute