Race. Diversity. Equity. Inclusion. Tolerance. Social Justice.
Important Issues

No matter how controversial these topics appear to be, as leaders in a boardroom, a product market, or a classroom, they command our attention. 

In positions of influence, your belief system impacts organizations from the top down. 

Who are you influencing? Are they employees, consumers, students? 

Anyone looking to you for results is being influenced by your mind because it is your thoughts that determine your actions.  And what is the greatest subconscious and conscious conspirer of our actions? 

Our culture.

Culture is not just about ethnicity, race, prejudice, or customs. 

Culture is our MINDSET.


Mindset is the reason for our beliefs, actions, and values. Our mindset is the determiner of our successes, and the greatest influencer of ourselves and others. Culture is the difference between success and failure as a CEO, an advertising campaign, or a teacher.

Be Strong. Be Brave. Be willing to do the Work so you can lead from a greater place of self awareness, compassion, and integrity that will transform the culture of an entire organization from the top down. 

Next Steps

Here are some signs it’s time to consider leading a culture change:

  • Repeated negative outcomes or poor results  
  • Particular complaints, offenses, or criticisms that persists even after measures to satisfy the offended parties are taken
  • Miscommunication and misunderstanding a repeating occurrence
  • Low morale
My Story

I understand how frustrating it can be to want to learn about various cultures but have limited time, resources, or support. Meanwhile, my cultural self-awareness has been unfolding for more than 40 years.

I am a native of Kentucky but I've lived in Texas, Hawaii, Washington, DC, and Wisconsin. A writer at heart, I've kept a personal journal throughout most of my life. And it is with this ability, to not only write, but to also analyze and reflect over my past experiences that has propelled me to my passion of being culturally self-aware.

I specialize in qualitative data collection through self-examination, reflective writing and deep discussion to gain insight from multiple perspectives. 

My previous work as a culture consultant for a state agency led me to the reality that the gap in culture awareness cuts across all organizations and disciplines. Schools/districts and organizations are faced with bridging cultural gaps in everyday interactions – but have little to no targeted long-term training in this particular area. This is why I have developed a learning experience that will guide Influencers and Educators to activating knowledge to become a powerful force in culture change. 

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