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23 October 2017

AMT editor(s) sought

Expressions of interest are sought for the voluntary position of editor(s) of The Australian Mathematics Teacher (AMT). Editors work in collaboration with AAMT staff to produce four issues of AMT at regular intervals each year. More information can be found in AAMT's journals policy, available at www.aamt.edu.au/Journals.

The appointment will be for 2018–19. Short expressions of interest outlining your experience with journals should be submitted to the AAMT office (office@aamt.edu.au) together with a brief CV before 9 am CST Monday 20 November 2017.

Invitation to trial classroom materials

The Reframing Mathematical Futures (RMF2) project is developing a suite of evidence-based learning and teaching resources to support the development of mathematical reasoning. The project would like to invite interested schools to trial materials for Years 5–9 and provide feedback about their use.

These materials will assist teachers to identify students' learning progression and the teaching advice can be used to inform subsequent teaching of these important topics.

For more information and to trial materials, please contact rmf2@rmit.edu.au.

Research survey

All educators who have been in front of a secondary mathematics class this year are invited to take part in a short anonymous research survey which aims to understand what teaching supports are available to them – regardless of their teaching background – from school management and staff, as well as what support offers the most benefit to improve quality of teaching and job satisfaction.

For more information and to complete the survey, go to 

Indigenous STEM Awards

The Indigenous STEM Awards recognise, reward and celebrate the achievements of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander students and scientists who are studying and working in the STEM field, as well as the integral role schools, teachers and mentors have in supporting Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander students in pursuing STEM education and careers.

Applications close Friday 10 November. Go to 

[featured resource] Engaging with Mathematics through Picture Books

Tracey Muir, Sharon Livy, Leicha Bragg, Julie Clark, Jill Wells & Catherine Attard

How can picture books help teachers engage young students in mathematics? The authors, all leading mathematics educators and researchers, explore many familiar picture books to identify the key mathematical 'big ideas' inherent. They anticipate the misconceptions and difficulties students may have, and share planning frameworks which show how lessons can be enacted and extended.

#TAS001 $55.00 * AAMT members $44.00 *


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