July 2017

The Station Master`s Report

Well, another month goes by and another newsletter comes out. There never seems to be any shortage of material as there is always something going on.

From my own point of view, both hobby and non hobby related, there are a couple of changes from the last time we went to pixels. First of all, I booked up for my next set of travels to Berlin. It will be a time of Christmas markets, German sausage and copious flaggans of German beer, ( or should that be bier ). Myself and SWMBO are looking forward to that. Another distraction has succeeded to lure me and that is that of the DARK SIDE. Paul has had his way, his spell has been cast and I’ve been reeled in. You can read more about his witchcraft later in this edition.

On the competition front, I have been reliably informed through Gary that the winner of the Fowler shunter is our very own ……….. Dr Tony. Well done Sir and I am sure that Gary will expand on that a little further on in the focus sections below.

Our little People competition continues to run through to the end of August so there is still plenty of time for anyone to get involved and bag one of the three prizes available. ……….. get fired in and good luck to everyone.

Not being the type to let the grass grow under my feet, a fresh competition has just been launched specifically on the “ How to “ theme. You can read up more on that in our competition section and if you enter, will be in with the chance of winning a Weller 40watt, 240 volt soldering iron AND an FMR static grass applicator.That will run as of immediate effect with the winner being announced at the end of September via the Footbridge as usual.

Now …… one post that caught my eye this month, in fact just recently was not all things trains, but all things planes. It immediately won a very well deserved  spot on Picture Of The Week and all credit goes to our Steve Power. His “ Vulcan “ knocked me for six when I first viewed the image. Well done Steve and many thanks for posting it up. You have an enormous talent there and I’m sure that I’ll be following your thread ( like others ) to see what other fantastic craftmanship you share with us next. …….. absolutely FAB and a credit to yourself and great ambassador to the forum.

We have a whole myriad of new layouts sprouting up via some of our new members all at different stages of planning and execution. This happens to be my favourite stage of any project so I’ll be keeping an eye open as they start to progress further and we should be seeing these being showcased both in our picture gallery down the left hand side of the front page and in the Footbridge as well. Which reminds me .......... if there is anything that anyone would like to see covered in the footbridge, just PM myself or Gary and make the suggestion. we are always looking for fresh ideas from others.

OK, I think its time to hand you over to Gary to “ pick out the posts “ and see what else has been happening. So I’ll wind up as usual by saying thanks again for another month of enjoyable reads and great company.


 Happy modelling...

 Cheers for now,



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