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The More Diverse, The Better

What does Diversity & Inclusion mean in business, art and community engagement? Where does its strength and power live and how can we cultivate it to better all of us? Below, we discuss the importance of acknowledgment and inclusion in art and within organizations.   

"Diversity: the art of thinking independently together"

- Malcolm Forbes

Build Talent across Gender, Race and Culture

New perspectives = new ideas. Strengthen your organization or community with limeSHIFT's behavior-based Diversity Training, a hands-on, interactive, role-playing experience. Use art-making and spatial awareness to build diverse, cohesive teams, promote collaboration and build healthy, empathetic relationships.

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This Month...

Everyone needs a creative boost. This month, limeSHIFT ran its SHIFT to Lead workshop with Microsoft's Technology & Civic Innovation Team.

The Lower East Side Girls Club welcomed limeSHIFT for a workshop on creativity and inclusion. Yazmany and Tahir led the girls in creating puppets.

Nabila spoke at TED Nairobi on Colour in Faith, where painting brings harmony into conflict-ridden communities. #TEDNairobi #AfricanChangemakers 

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Up Next...

We're excited to announce that limeSHIFT will be working with Yale School of Management on Espejismo: A festival of borrowed reflections. The art activation will take place      April 24-28th in New Haven. Stay tuned... 

This Month's Blog: Inclusivity across Society

A Win-Win Culture

As the new administration fails us on inclusivity, corporate America has an opportunity to set an example.

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Pluralism in a Terrorized World

You don’t have to have experienced a terrorist attack to be prejudiced.

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The Eyes Have It

How can the arts be used to help humans gain cultural awareness in order to benefit the collective whole?

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