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Setting Up Employee Personal File - Update 2 (Replies)


Dear All,

I am setting up new staff's personal file and need guidance on what should be kept in it. At the same time for ease of reference, it will have dividers/labels (please advise what is relevant).

As for leave records, pay records, medical records, iras, etc. i will maintain them either separately or keep them in one master file

Thanks in advance for your advice/help.




My company employee personal file includes Employment Details, Performance Appraisal, Training & Development, Miscellaneous and Personal Particulars.

For leave records and medical records will be stored in our online system. Anything pertaining to salary, it will go to each employee personal file.




It is always good and neat to have separate dividers in every staff P-file.

There should be 1 main file for each staff with 2 main category would be: (1) Employment details and (2) Personal details. Employment details could consist of his/her application form, medical check-up reports, leave records, performance appraisals, staff handbook, disciplinary actions, company-sponsored training etc. As for personal details could consist of his/her educational certificates/transcripts, NRIC/Passport, and other personal information.




I guess there’s no standard format. Other than all the personal data on payroll system, anything of interest can be filed in the P-file.




Good to have at least 4 categories:

1) Personal particulars (passport, nric, birth/marriage cert, etc)

2) Career progression (job application form, resume, confirmation, increment, bonus letter, performance appraisal form, transfer letter, disciplinary letter, etc)

3) Training (certificates, transcripts, etc)

4) Miscellaneous (mom docs, company declaration forms, etc)

We are using e-leave and therefore no need to keep hardcopy. If e-leave is not available, I suggest to file in master leave arch file sort according to employee number.




We maintain personal-to-holder's documents in personal files. For documents that are required to retrieve for statistics purposes bi-annually or regularly eg. Appraisal forms, leave records etc, we file them as a company-wide record keeping in different files eg. Annual leave file, m/c file, training file, appraisal file etc.



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