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January 2018


Welcome back, members!  Hope everyone had a safe and happy New Year!!!!  We are so excited to share with you what new and exciting things have happened and are coming up through Ohio FCCLA!  Below we have included some new and exciting opportunities for you get involved in! And as always check out this month's Riddler Riot.

Regional Executive Council

This April, up to sixteen Ohio FCCLA members could be elected to serve on the Regional Executive Council. Do you wish to tiptoe out of your comfort zone and take the next step in becoming a stronger leader? REC is a great opportunity for those seeking to take their leadership to the next level. Applications are on ohiofccla.org under the Executive Council: Candidates tab.

Executive Council Interviews:

Executive Council Interviews will take place on April 14th. There are four parts to the interview: Impromptu scenario, extemporaneous speech, general interview, and a knowledge test. 

If you’re feeling unsure about interviews, there is no need to fear! Potential candidates have the opportunity to attend Executive Council Interview Training on March 24th. On this day, Candidates will be taken step by step through the election process by current State Executive Council members. All candidates will partake in the same interview process and will leave this training feeling prepared and excited for interviews! 

We look forward to meeting our candidates this spring! 

- Erin Agen, State Vice President

Unite In Red Blazer Handout

Hello Ohio FCCLA Members! As you all know, Ohio FCCLA will be uniting in red blazers very soon. Therefore, we will be providing members with the opportunity to be awarded a voucher to receive the official red blazer! We will be awarding over 100 blazers to our members. The rules are simple:

  • A member can only win once,
  • Members can apply only once per month, every month.
  • You must be a paid affiliated member.

There is an application located on Ohio FCCLA’s website, applications must be submitted by the 18th of each month, and awardees will be notified by the 25th.

To learn more- you can also visit the website to see all the rules and opportunities.

This is truly a wonderful tool, and I can’t wait to see how all of you use this opportunity!

- Amitoj Kaur, Vice President of Member Outreach

Service Learning Portal

Do you volunteer at your local nursing home? Have you served a meal to the homeless? Perhaps, you have read to kindergarteners at the elementary school you used to attend?

These are all excellent examples of ways kids, just like you, are engaging in service learning. Service learning is when you give back which will, in turn, teach you civic responsibility and strengthen your community. Service learning not only helps the people you serve but yourself as well! You can gain hands-on experience that could possibly lead to an internship or job, develop or enhance your skills in the areas of communication, collaboration, and leadership, and even give your resume a one-up factor when college application and job hunting time rolls around! Another way you can be rewarded for your kind efforts in your community is by tracking your hours with Ohio FCCLA’s service learning portal located on our website!

The top 3 chapters and the top 3 individuals who track the most hours will be recognized at State Leadership Conference for their dedication to service in their local communities. Last year members tracked over 19,000 service hours! This year, the State Executive Council has set the bar even higher by challenging you, the members to track at least 30,000 service hours! Help us reach our goal and receive recognition in the process! Hurry up and track those hours because the portal will close on March 15th, 2018.

- Shayla Combs, State Secretary 


Get excited Ohio FCCLA because FCCLA Week is almost here!  Make sure that your chapter is ready to celebrate from February 12-16 by planning all of your chapter’s activities this month and enjoying them together next month!  Remember, the FCCLA Week themes are:


~Membership Monday - February 12

Celebrate National FCS Day! Thank your FCS teachers for everything they do.  We also want to celebrate Ohio FCCLA members on Membership Monday.  To do this, we will be giving away free passes to have a meet and greet with the SEC at State Leadership Conference!


~Teamwork Tuesday - February 13

Post videos of your chapter teamwork skills on social media!  This could be a team challenge activity or a service learning project.


~Wear Red Wednesday - February 14

Make sure your whole school is covered from floor to ceiling in red, white, and black!  Make locker signs, posters, and promote FCCLA through public announcements at school and on social media.


~Thankful Thursday - February 15

Ohio FCCLA receives a tremendous amount of support from Ohio FCCLA Endowment and from communities from across the state.  Complete a service learning project on Thankful Thursday to help raise money in support of Ohio FCCLA Endowment or your local community.


~Family Friday - February 16

Celebrate all things family with FCCLA at the Table!  Have a sit-down meal with your family today and share pictures on social media using the #FCCLA@theTable.  Invite students to your FCCLA chapter meeting and make them part of your FCCLA family!


Be sure to share with us how you are celebrating FCCLA week by posting pictures and tagging us on social media!  Stay !nspired Ohio FCCLA!

- Mustafa Ilgin, Vice President of Program Outreach

Riddler Riots (Rules)

This year in our newsletter we will be adding a new challenge for all of Ohio FCCLA members... The Riddler Riot challenge!  The rules for this game are as follows... each months newsletter will feature a new riddle at the bottom of the page.  All members that wish to participate will have 10 days to tweet out their answer to that month's riddle with the #OhioFCCLARiddleRiots.  After the 10 days is up, the first (up to) 10 people to tweet out the answers will be featured on the Ohio FCCLA social media pages as that month's winners.  At the end of the year at State Leadership Conference, the member with the most wins will win a special prize!!! 

Riddler Riots (Riddles)

A man lives on the 14th floor of a building. Everyday, he walks down to the elevator, hits the 'lobby' button, and rides it to the bottom and then goes to work. When he comes back from work, he only takes the elevator up to the 7th floor and walks the rest of the way on the stairs. Why doesn't he take the elevator all the way to the top 

Last months winners

Abigail‏ @abigailquinn23 Dec 3

reese tooke 🌐‏ @reesebrettooke Dec 3



            A person wearing a watch. A person has 2 hands and a watch can have 2 to 3 hands. The minute hand, hour hand, and the second hand. 


Congratulations to all winners!!!!!!


Thanks for playing!!!!!

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