We're back! Again! I believe it's time to summarize the year that went by. There's a lot of great "Best Tracks of 2017" floating around, so I thought I'd just point out a couple of highlights for me.

I can't keep track of the amount of times I've mentioned Brockhampton, but they've literally saturated the market with content and hence have been highlighted just about everywhere. Creative, smart and high quality production, writing and great symmetry among the band members was the recipe for this years newcomer.

Listen to Saturation I, II & III

He has the super Baton Rogue sound and the delivery is just perfect. His voice just goes perfectly hand-in-hand with the Baton bumpy sound. YoungBoy Never Going Broke Again feels as gangster as much as his artist name is incredibly infuriating to type. Which is, in both scenarios, both good and bad. He has risen to early stardom, but his past life and being a product of his environment, his life may go sideways if he doesn't calm down. Anyhow, I look forward to hear more from this unique rapper.

Listen to Ride On Em, No Smoke & Trappin.

Her album was nothing short of greatness. When I used to listen to SZA, it was for the features of her label mates like Kendrick Lamar, but with this album I'd wish some features were removed due to her sheer brilliance. I'm looking forward to 2018 to get more of her singing.

Watch the video for her singel Drew Barrymore 

Grime has always been around, but this year we've seen some major exposure for the likes of Wiley, Giggs, Skepta, AJ Tracey, Dave, Stormzy and more. All of them have been featured on Franklins throughout the year and I look forward to feature them soon again.

Listen to AJ Tracey, Dave and Giggs

The popular music site reviewed it and wrote "The most crafty and evasive MC lays bare his complicated life. This late-career gem is personal and diamond-sharp, confronting the failings and legacy of Shawn Carter and America." and I couldn't have put it better myself (hence the quote). 

Watch the great video for his single The Story of O.J.

There will probably never be a year where Kendrick Lamar isn't featured on a list like this. His genre dominating is a never-ending story. With this years album release of DAMN he proves he doesn't really have a "low", it's more a matter of how high his projects can go.

Watch the beautiful video for his single DNA.

There was some great album releases this year: Migos (Bad and Boujee SOTY probably), Jay Z, Future, Vince Staples, Kendrick Lamar, Drake, Freddie Gibbs, THEY., AJ Tracey, Giggs, Joey Bada$$ etc. etc. I have to admit though, that one album that still is in rotation from 2016(!) for me is Ka: Honor Killed the Samurai. Deep, low-key genius, well produced: if Jay Z is a "diamond-sharp gem" I'd say the groomy, grimy, great Ka is a really raw diamond with no rush to shine the brightest. The music is mysterious, raw-boned and not for everybody.

Listen to Ka.

That's about it for this year. Been a fun project so far to run this newsletter and I intend on taking it into 2018. I might scale down on the frequency to focus more on each letter. The Spotify playlist will be continuously updated.

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