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To all of my amazing readers, thank you so much! I appreciate all of your preorders, all of your reads, and all of your kind words and reviews. I love that you love Polly and Sebastian.

For anyone who hasn't yet read Hope of Romance, it is only 99 cents, and of course free in Kindle Unlimited. The link is below.

I have just returned from a week’s holiday with my family, and it was absolutely lovely. It was exactly what I needed -- some time in the sun, and simple rest and relaxation. Since I began publishing my books, I have never actually taken time off! Until this February, I was working another job so every spare moment was spent writing. Now that I am able to write full time, I am more structured, and so I was able to build in an actual vacation! Yes, I did answer emails and of course check to see how the launch was going, but it was so lovely to simply spend time with my husband, my son, my parents, and, when I had a moment, to actually spend some time reading myself!

Below are some reading recommendations for you, if you are looking for something new. One book is a contemporary read; the rest, historical romance. I would also love to know what else you are enjoying lately -- any classics I should pick up? New favorites?

With love,


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Weekly Reads

Her Queen City Ranger

By Emilee Harris

Circumstance has placed them at odds, can love lead them to common ground?
A woman on the run...

When Sofie Augustine is kidnapped from her father's estate in Prussia, she finds herself halfway across the world in the United States. Though she manages to escape her captors, she’s not out of danger. They’ve turned the tables and her only chance is to reach her father’s solicitor in Denver for protection.

She soon realizes, however, that she won’t make it alone. Stranded on the Eastern Colorado plains, the only person she can turn to is a man who believes the worst of her.

A man determined to do what's right...

Cleighton Palmer has spent his life trying to prove his worth in a world where good breeding is everything. As a Colorado Ranger, he’s taken an oath to uphold the law in his wild western state. When news of a murderer on the run comes over the wire, he’s not about to let that threat make it to his town.

But Sofie isn’t what he expected, and when she’s put in danger, he has to decide who’s side he’s on.

Sofie and Cleigh battle the elements, hired guns, and growing attraction as they make their way to Denver and put together a plan to clear her name.

“Her Queen City Ranger” is a work of historical western romance fiction. It is a standalone romance set in Victorian era Colorado. A guaranteed HEA with no cliffhangers.

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Torn Canvas

By Donna K. Weaver

**Winner of the prestigious 2015 RONE Award for best New Adult fiction**

Modern-day pirates took more than Jori Virtanen’s friends; they stole his face. Not only does the twenty-four-year-old former model have to confront months of reconstructive surgery, he discovers his previous life was as superficial as his looks. Up-and-coming talk show host Olivia Howard wants an interview. She, like the rest of the press, expects a hero, but Jori knows the truth. His beauty masks a beast.

In seclusion and evading the press, Jori struggles to make a new life as an artist. But he can’t hide from himself; more than his face is damaged. How can Jori possibly make amends for all that he’s broken? When Olivia finally tracks him down, he must decide if he can trust her. Could this unlikely woman be a key to freeing his heart and healing the beast?

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Lawfully Matched

By Lorana Hoopes

When a mail-order bride meets disaster!

All Jesse Jennings ever wanted to do was marry his fiancée Pauline and be a rancher, but when Pauline is killed by a band of robbers, Jesse dons a deputy sheriff’s badge, swearing he will obtain justice for her wrongful death.After Kate Whidby’s parents pass away, she is forced to live with her brother and his new wife, but living with a woman who not only doesn’t like her but resents her presence proves too difficult, propelling Kate to accept a mail order bride offer. But when she arrives in Texas, not all is as it appears. Kate’s betrothed has a dark past and when the truth comes to light, she is sent fleeing into Deputy Sheriff Jesse Jenning’s arms. Will Jesse find Pauline’s killer? Will Kate find safety and protection? And will he be able to let go of his past to build a new future with Kate? Find out now with one click up above.

THE LAWKEEPERS is a multi-author series alternating between historical westerns and contemporary westerns featuring law enforcement heroes that span multiple agencies and generations. Join bestselling authors Jenna Brandt, Lorana Hoopes, Elle E. Kay, Ginny Sterling, Patricia PacJac Carroll, Evangeline Kelly, Barb Goss, and more as they weave captivating, sweet stories of romance and suspense between THE LAWKEEPERS — and the women who love them. 
The Lawkeepers is a world like no other; a world where Lawkeepers and Heroes are honored with unforgettable stories, characters, and love.

** Note: Each book in THE LAWKEEPERS series is a standalone book, a mini-series of sorts, and you can read them in any order.

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Vikings: The Truth about Aslaug and Ragnar

By Rachel Tsoumbakos

Is Aslaug really Ragnar's one true love?

Can she save him from his own prideful death?

Plus, how close can one be to their stepson before questions are asked?

Aslaug was one of Ragnar Lodbrok's wives and bore him many sons. However, prior to meeting him, she spent her childhood locked up in a harp.

Then, when the harp owner was murdered, she was raised by a beastly pair who insisted Aslaug never wash in order to hide her beauty.

Once released from this life of miserable slavery, Aslaug went on to marry Ragnar Lodbrok, the famous Viking. She bore many children to him as well as help raise some of his other children. At times, her relationship with one of her stepchildren was considered questionable as she favoured him over even her own children.

'Vikings: The Truth About Aslaug And Ragnar' will unravel all these secrets and reveal a story that is more interesting than anything you knew about them previously as well as debunking the myth that their relationship was loveless.

Discover the truth today!

Part One brings the whole story to life with a historically accurate novel of their lives. Part Two then examines the historical facts behind this famous Viking couple.

The 'Viking Secrets' series explores the historical fact from present day fiction in regards to the Vikings and the extraordinary women who existed in the Viking era.

PLEASE NOTE: Each of the books in this series can be read as standalone books due to the nature of the sagas involved. Therefore, the book numbering indicates the order in which the stories were published and not the order in which they are required to be read.

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