September 2016 Newsletter

What's New?

Who here feels like they're on the losing side of a battle against a certain thing called adulthood?

*raises hand* Yep, that's me. The above gif sums it up pretty well. Hence my email silence for the last while. This last summer has been a difficult one, but I'm hoping this fall will bring new opportunities and less craziness. You know, time to get my life more organized and on track. It seems to have derailed somewhere along the way. One of the steps I'm taking to get organized business-wise is to set up a better email schedule. If all goes well, I will be sending out a newsletter bi-monthly from now on in addition to any big announcements, so I don't appear to just drop of the face of the earth. Maybe it will even increase to monthly if I feel I can do that.

As you can see, I've also given the newsletter an official name--Reality Side of the Pen. I was toying with the idea and whether or not to use it when I posted a survey on my blog to find out what readers would like to see in an author newsletter. One suggestion that came up multiple times is more information about my personal life and reality as an author. That was the deciding factor on the newsletter title.

The fact is, there's nothing glamorous about the reality of being an author, unless, maybe, you're Nicholas Sparks or J.K. Rowling. Perhaps then there is some glamour involved. But I'm certainly not either one of them. For me, being an author looks more like this:

*gets up in the morning* I really want to write today. Oh, but wait, I have Etsy orders to fill first. *does Etsy orders* Wait, what?! It's lunch time already. *grumbles and has lunch* Now maybe I can write. Oh, but there are those emails I haven't responded to, and I really need to update my blog/website. *does those things* WHAT?! Why is it supper time?! I haven't had a chance to write yet! And when I am I ever going to edit my next book?

And so it goes as I eek out my living. However, for the next three weeks, I'm looking forward to a bit of a vacation. I will be participating in three buckskinners' rendezvouses (fur trade era reenactment). This is always one of the highlights of my year. So, for the next three weekends, I will be off sleeping in a canvas tent, cooking meals over an open fire, and running around dressed in 18th century clothing.

"Writing is wretched, discouraging, physically unhealthy, infinitely frustrating work. And when it all comes together it’s utterly glorious.” - Ralph Peters

Book Updates

One of the things adult life has really taken its toll on is my writing. When there are so many extra things and concerns filling up your mind, it's hard to focus on writing, or editing for that matter. However, I hope that after my vacation time, I will be refreshed and energized to get working on things.

My two main projects at the moment are writing book six of Ilyon Chronicles and editing Exiles (book 4) for publication. I'm particularly excited to really get somewhere in book six since it is the last one. Once I finish, I can explore some new ideas!

Exiles Sneak Peek:

Clearing his throat, Jace looked at Rayad and couldn’t hold back a smile. “So when are you going to find a wife? Mrs. Hess has been very friendly lately.”


For every newsletter, I will hold a short Q&A session. These will be either author related questions directed at me, or a session with one of my characters. To kick off the new newsletter, I've asked Kaden to join me for the first session.

I smile at him. "Thanks for joining me, Kaden. You have the special privilege of being the first of my characters to be part of this newsletter. Besides Jace, it seems you get the most questions. I guess you're gaining fangirls."

He gives me a mischievous look. "Isn't it a bit ironic to be talking to a character in a newsletter called 'Reality Side of the Pen'?"

I narrow my eyes. "You are such a troublemaker. I feel like I should scold you. Don't you back-sass me, mister!"

He snorts in laughter.

"Not very convincing, is it?"


"Seriously, though, why are you so much more trouble and sassy during these interviews than in your story?"

He shrugs. "This is the only chance I get to make your life miserable after what you put us all through."

"Hey . . . well . . .I suppose that makes sense. But we better move on or this newsletter will turn into a monstrosity. The first question is from Abby. She wants to know what one of your favorite childhood memories with Kyrin is."

"That's hard to narrow down." He thinks about it for a moment. "I think my favorite would be any time we used to play in the woods as children before we were taken to Tarvin Hall. Back when life was carefree."

"Before you had to become an adult? Yeah, I totally get that. Next question. Addyson wants to know, if you were shipwrecked on a deserted island for the rest of your natural life with no hope of escape and could have either Marcus or Exsis as companions on that island, which one would you choose?"

He raises an eyebrow. "Is she insinuating that I might have a better relationship with my dragon than my brother?"

I shrug now. "I just relay the questions, remember?"

"Well, as much as I love Exsis, a dragon can't talk. Marcus and I might not get along sometimes, but I'd want him there with me."

I smile. "That's sweet."

He rolls his eyes.

"Okay, one more question. Ysa wants to know how many kids you want. She's asking you because her sister thought it would be evil to ask Timothy that question."

"And here I thought I was going to escape without any nosy questions."

"You know how these fangirls are."

He shakes his head, but looks amused. "Well, I can't say I've thought too much about it, but I love kids. I did come from a big family, so I'd probably like to have at least five."

"I'll make sure to let your future wife know."

His mischievous look returns full force. "Do you have someone in mind?"

"Maybe . . . but that's something I'll have to figure out later. Once again, thank you for joining me, Kaden. I know your fangirls will love it."

* * *

If anyone has any questions for me or one of my characters, feel free to email them to me and they might be featured in a future issue of Reality Side of the Pen!

Writer's Corner

One thing I have found myself struggling with during this last crazy year is depression. This is not new for me. Unfortunately, I have been plagued quite a bit with it in the past. It's extremely difficult to get anything done when you have depression sapping your creativity and ambition. If you're anything like me, then you know that encouragement is always welcome, so here is a great blog post specifically with tips for writers who battle depression.

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Jaye L. Knight is an award-winning author, homeschool graduate, and shameless tea addict with a passion for Christian fantasy. She has been penning stories since the age of eight and resides in the Northwoods of Wisconsin.