Here we are coming to the end of the first week of June and what a week it’s been.

The weather was having great difficulty deciding which season we are in, with stormy winds and unrelenting rain battering at the walls of PS Towers. 

Today, as I write this, the United Kingdom goes to the polling booths, stirring themselves to decide where to place a cross on a slip of paper. What will happen as a consequence is anyone’s guess—by the time you read this week’s ramble (it’s currently Thursday, mid evening) everything will be over and done, for better or worse.

But that’s tomorrow and right now I’m listening to the new album from Justin Townes Earle, KIDS IN THE STREET. Good stuff. In fact, it’s been a bit of a musical week and a political one to boot, with Nicky and I going along with Paul and Glenys (from PS Artbooks) last Saturday to see Billy Bragg, The Divine Comedy plus, topping the bill, Paul Heaten and Jacqui Abbot (from The Beautiful South). We left the concert ground filled with lumpy throats, moist eyes and great affection for those around us only to discover that more atrocities had taken place in London as we had cheered on the performances in Hull. Talk about putting a dampener on things. What a pity we don’t simply have just a banished race of tentacled Old Gods to contend with.

Talking of which . . .

of course, the PS line of Lovecraft-related tales and books (not least the twelve-volume PulpS Library with another four books shaping up for late summer) continues apace and the latest in our anthology series—THROUGH A MYTHOS DARKLY edited by Glynn Owen Barrass and Brian M. Sammons—comes with a truly awesome line-up.

  • The Roadrunners By Cody Goodfellow
  • Scrimshaw by Jeffrey Thomas
  • Sweet Angie Tailor in: Subterranean Showdown By John Langan 
  • An Old and Secret Cult By Robert M. Price 
  • Stewert Behr – Deanimator by Pete Rawlik 
  • To Kill a King By Don Webb 
  • The Last Quest By William Meikle 
  • Fate of the World By Christine Morgan
  • Red in the Water, Salt on the Earth By Konstantine Paradias 
  • The Night They Drove Cro Magnon Down By D.A. Madigan 
  • Sacrifice By Sam Stone
  • Get Off Your Knees I’m Not Your God By Edward Morris
  • Excerpts from the Diaries of Henry P. Linklatter By Stephen Mark Rainey      
  • Plague Doctor By Tim Waggoner 
  • Amidst the Blighted Swathes of Grey Desolation By Lee Clark Zumpe 
  • Cognac, Communism, and Cocaine By Nick Mamatas and Molly Tanzer
  • Kai Monstrai Ateik (When the Monsters Come) By Damien Angelica Walters 

“Your editors, as well as you reading this, are fans of the Cthulhu Mythos,” say Messrs Barrass and Sammons in their Introduction. “Well… let’s say you may be reading this as a potential fan, or a fan of horror in general. But we’re pretty sure most of you readers are fans of the Mythos. Lovecraftian Horror. Weird Fiction. Cosmic Horror. Whatever this kind of weird and wonderful storytelling is being called these days. So no matter if you are a diehard fan of the dark wonder HPL gave to the world, or a neophyte member of the cult of Cthulhu, we are very happy you are with us here.”

The editors of many books in the field, Barrass and Sammons are no strangers to Cthulhu and his chums and, over time, they’ve noticed that certain authors not only provided top notch tales in the crossed genres they asked for, but fully turned the tables on the Mythos, and wrote stories which shook everything up, creating realities all of their own, undreamt of by good old Howard Philips Lovecraft. 

“Of course, it could be argued that every work of fiction is set in an alternate reality,” the editors point out helpfully, “and all of Lovecraft’s Cthulhu Mythos stories were set in realities quite distant from our own. But, as some of our authors kept showing us, sometimes it is not enough to purely write a story in Lovecraft’s worlds; sometimes you have to just take that extra leap through time and space. And thus this anthology was born.”

And boy oh boy, are we glad it was. Well done Glynn and Brian . . . and, indeed, all the contributors to this tremendous volume. You can read intros to all of the stories by clicking on this link to our blog entry: THROUGH A MYTHOS DARKLY

And while we’re on the subject, here’s some more of Mr. Lovecraft.

This time by way of a graphic novel written by Sam Gafford and drawn by Jason Eckhardt. Entitled SOME NOTES ON A NON-ENTITY: THE LIFE OF H.P. LOVECRAFT, the book covers Lovecraft's entire life from birth to his untimely and painful death and will be launched at this year’s NecronomiCon.

Running to one hundred and twenty pages, the project has already been given the thumbs-up from a veritable army of Lovecraft scholars, and the book has been researched using numerous references, not least S.T.Joshi’s  biography as well as many of the other primary sources such as the myriad volumes of letters between Lovecraft and his circle. This is the first time that HPL's life has been depicted in the graphic novel format and the book will be a trailblazer in the genre. Nothing like this has ever been published before. Just wait until you see it. In fact, no . . . don’t wait—take a look at it right now.

Pretty good, huh! And throughout the text, mention is also made of Lovecraft's many stories with several receiving their own page(s) of graphic interpretation. This makes the book enjoyable to the casual Lovecraft fan as well as to the experienced scholar.

There will be a small appendix at the back of the book which will give the bibliography as well as a brief recap of Lovecraft's literary reputation from his death until today.

Priced at a fit and feisty £25 (around $32) and rendered in glorious black and white, the first hundred copies of SOME NOTES ON A NON-ENTITY: THE LIFE OF H.P. LOVECRAFT will feature a bookmark signed by the author and artist plus a facsimile signature of Lovecraft himself. Sheer poetry.

And talking of sheer poetry . . .

We’re delighted to announce—after a too-long break—the latest volume under our Stanza Press imprint, ALCHEMY IN REVERSE by our dear friend and one of the field’s nicest and most talented scribblers and most anguished poets, Garry Kilworth.

Here’s a heartfelt sample for you, chosen as the result of my re-reading and RE-re-reading this beautiful volume.


To Rob, John and Ruth

I want to walk with friends again

on ridges fanged with clint,

where talk is rammed back down our throats

by winds with fists of flint.


I want to walk with friends again,

through forests of ideas,

hoping one will carry us to

fantastical frontiers.


I want to walk with friends again

on moors of ancient mast,

snatching handfuls of the future,

laughing at the past.


I will walk with friends again

through fields of white and red

when there will be no more to write

and nothing need be said.


Good to have you back with PS, Garry.

Okay everybody, that’s it for this week.

Tomorrow (Friday) will be a whole new world—or maybe it won’t: either way, let’s have fun with it. Enjoy the sunshine and the rain alike—they’re all of ‘em sent just for you. Happy reading.



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