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Casual writing? Pretend you're speaking with a friend 👫 ✍️
As assistant editor at Galore Media, one of the issues that I kept encountering was that our interns and contributors would write articles the same way they'd write a school book report. While this may work well for some publications, Galore was a platform for young women (13-25 year olds), so our voice needed to be very casual and colloquial.

While using big words may make you sound smart, it’ll likely cause readers to grow bored and stray. If you’re writing copy, it can turn customers off.

If you’ve been blogging at your own blog, or if you've been working full-time for only one publication, it’s easy to get comfortable writing in their tone of voice; and then once you begin working for another client, it can be hard to alter your tone to suit their style. Many blogs these days opt for a casual tone of voice over a scholarly one.

It sounds easy to write in a casual voice, but if you’ve been writing academically for a number of years, it can be a tough habit to break. The solution? Write the way you talk, the way you'd speak to a friend. If for you that means non-capitalized words and “u” instead of “you,” then you might have to do a little editing afterwards, though. When all else fails, read your work out loud to yourself and see how it sounds. Does it sound like something that could be said in conversation? Or does it sound straight out of a text book?
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Note from the editor
I've actually been working mostly on my "on the side" stuff this month, not only because my other ideas have been mounting up for months now, but because I need a break. I miss designing, and I miss coding, and seeing an idea come to life is as satisfying as wrapping up an article conclusion.

Indeed, we all need a break every now and then, especially when you're a writer/blogger that's always writing about the same topics (you'll burn out of content ideas that way). So...I've been working on a Pokémon app, making design tweaks to my blog, and trying to make World of Writers a better community. Oh, and I've been writing a "How to make decent money blogging" book, and even a couple of novels that I've been trying to start for years now. If you're always thinking paid work first, those other awesome ideas won't see the light of day.

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