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30 January 2017

Vale Bob Bryce

It is with sadness that AAMT notes the passing of Dr Bob Bryce after a long illness. Bob was a long-time member of the Canberra Mathematical Association (CMA), a respected mathematician at ANU and a huge supporter of mathematics education. He was the inaugural Chair of the Australian Mathematical Society's Standing Committee on Mathematics Education, as well as a member of both the Australian Mathematics Competition and Maths Challenge committees for the Australian Mathematics Trust – among other activities. Bob will be sadly missed.

Presentations sought for AAMT conference

One of the great strengths of AAMT conferences is the quality and diversity of the workshops and seminars. Presenting a session is a great opportunity to share your work with colleagues – research projects, classroom activities and techniques, learning programs, etc.

You can submit an offer to present as part of your conference registration. Offers to present close 3 March 2017.

For more information, go to http://tiny.cc/aamt2017.

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[featured resource] Transforming Primary Mathematics

Mike Askew

Do you want the mathematics experiences in your classroom to be welcoming, engaging, inclusive and successful? This book presents key ideas in an appealing conversational style, amply supported by examples of students’ work and records of their dialogues. Base your teaching on problem solving, modelling and inquiry and transform your students into confident and able mathematical thinkers.

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[featured resource] Is This Going to be on the Math Test?

Alexandru Pintilie

Written by a classroom teacher to interest and challenge while developing problem solving skills, this book is aimed at enriching students’ mathematical experiences. There are many questions, ranging from quite accessible to those requiring significant ingenuity. Use them as a stimulus to a discussion, to engage and extend quicker students, as a take home exercise, or as an intriguing finish to a lesson. The topics covered are algebra, similar figures, functions, analytic geometry, three-dimensional geometry and systems of equations. 

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