Pronoun abandons authors after 1 year. Here's my plan.

Pronoun Closing

What Happened

Last evening, Pronoun (by Macmillan) announced their experiment into independent book distribution was over. Their reasons don't matter to me. Suffice it to say, I'm mad as hell because I didn't know they had given themselves a deadline or that this was an experiment at all.

So what does this mean? Basically, I have to take all of my books down from Amazon, iBooks, B&N, Kobo, and Google Play* by January 15,  2018--or Pronoun will take them down for me. I have to check each retailer to make sure the books are gone, and then I can republish. Given how long it sometimes takes a book to be published, it could be a week before they're restored. Reviews might be lost forever, paperbacks could be disconnected, and series might be broken up. Note that I've begun the process of taking all of them down, so what's there today may not be tomorrow.

Clearly, Pronoun doesn't understand what cutting off sales means to an author. I guess it's a good thing they're leaving.

Amazon & Payhip Only

I took a good, long look at my sales for the past 3 years last night and I've come to a conclusion: I'm only going to publish on Amazon and distribute via Payhip.

Those of you who shop for books only on Amazon--which is the majority of you--will be able to continue as usual once all the books are back online.

Those of you who prefer to avoid the 'Zon will have the opportunity to buy books directly from me via Payhip. Since purchases through Payhip are actually conducted via PayPal or Stripe, Payhip is just in charge of delivering the book to you. It will provide you with the version of the book that you need, and you can transfer it to your reading device.

I've decided to do this because I just can't handle learning a new platform for distribution as the holidays close in and while I'm trying to wrap up my sci-fi romance trilogy. Maybe in the future, I'll expand back out again, but I need some time.

Thank You

Thanks for your patience while I work through all of this. I really do appreciate all of my readers.

Missy Welsh

*It could be a month before the books come down from the library distributors, Overdrive and Bibliotheca, if they were ever uploaded to begin with. I'm not going to wait for proof of this before continuing with my plans.

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