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Reservist Leave - Update 1


Hi All,

Do you require your male employees to apply for "Reservist Leave" whenever they are called up for ICT (Reservist) duties? Since it is actually not really a kind of "Leave", how do your companies keep track of these days of absence?




We have created a 'reservist leave' in our e-leave system and staff are required to apply when going for ICT. This helps in record keeping and also leave calendar shows staff is on reservist leave.

Munjit Kaur



Yes normally we require male staff to submit employer copy of NS notification, HR would credit the "reservist leave" according to the notice and staff could apply from leave system, we track the leave by submmitting NS claim to NS portal.




Yes, we have them apply the leave and submit their SAF100 as supporting documents.




Reservist Leave is recorded in our eleave as we have clock in and out system. Otherwise it will be shown that the staff is absent without excuse.

C Tan



You are right to say that this is not really a “leave”, therefore in the past we did not really require our staffs to apply for ICT leave from the system. However, we changed the regulation and requested them to apply for ICT leave in our system, therefore it is reflected in the calendar. This is very useful for project manager to know who is away and this also makes our leave record neat and clean. Although our company size is not big, having all leaves recorded is definitely very helpful for everyone.




Yes, such leave application is required to justify valid reason for absence though will not impact annual leave or statutory leave entitlements.




We do have such leave indicate on the system but they have to attach the letter from army that indicates the dates and timing that they are require to attend to. It’s just a formality as we are able to claim back from NS on these leaves




Yes they need to submit Reservist application in advance to ensure his supervisor is aware and given ample notice to arrange someone to cover his absence.




Yes, our employee needs to apply the leave so that we have a record of these official absence.




Yes for us , we created a leave type specially for the reservist.




To create a special term Reservist Leave is more convenient for you to track for your own purpose. The male employee does not have a choice to reject the call-up from reservist. However, it is your duty to prepare his Make-Up Pay in advance. For such instances, a good practice will be to inform the company 2 months beforehand with regards to reservist. The army will payback such financial losses to the company for the employee's X number of days not working and serving the nation.




Yes. We do create a "NS Leave Category" that the employees need to apply when they go for In Camp Training. That helps the tracking and reconciliation of the NS Pay claims.

Cheng Hoo



Yes, they are required to update their reservist leave together with their called up notice. This is needed for HR to submit make up claim for them and for operation resources planning.



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