July 2018 - Upcoming Events


Transplant Olympics 2018

Join Transplant Team Arizona (http://www.transplantteamaz.org/) and our friends at New Life Society (https://newlifesociety.org/) as they help guide us on the road to victory at the Transplant Olympics 2018 (http://www.transplantgamesofamerica.org/) in Salt Lake City, Utah - August 2nd through 7th.  There are many ways to contribute or volunteer in this amazing celebration of life.  Please visit any one of these websites for more details.


Donate Life ECHO – July 8-21, 2018

Donate Life ECHO is a national two-week outreach campaign, held each year during the second and third full weeks in July and focused on the importance of donation and transplantation in multicultural communities. ECHO stands for Every Community Has Opportunity – the opportunity to save and heal lives.

Donate Life ECHO was created in 2015 as a collaborative partnership between the Association for Multicultural Affairs in Transplantation (AMAT) and Donate Life America. To find out more go to DonateLife.net today.


Next Support Group meeting

Come and join us for our next support group meeting.  August 22nd from 5 to 6 pm in The Zone at Phoenix Children's Hospital.  It is that time of year where our kids will be back to school and that means renewing of 504s and IEPs.  Raising Special Kids and One Darn Cool School will have an expert speak at our next support group to help families learn the in's and out's of education starting from qualifying for early intervention to which preschool is best to collaborating with our child's education team to bring them from elementary through high school.  Our fellow transplant mom Kisori Coulson will be on hand to talk about homeschooling options.  We will also be celebrating the victorious return of our kid transplant Olympians with a celebration.  


Thank you for the donations!

A big thank you to all of those at Discovery Pointe Church in North Peoria.  They provided donations of gift cards to Transplant Families which social work will be distributing as needed.  They also filled nearly every pantry in the lounge areas at Phoenix Children's Hospital for families.  We are so very grateful for their summer support.  

If you are interested in doing a gift card drive or food drive to help fellow hospital families, please contact Melissa McQueen (melissa@transplantfamilies.org).


October - Transplant Mom's night out

Want to escape the heat and the daily chaos at home?  We are planning on doing an October Transplant Mom's night out.  Tentative location is Camp Social in uptown Phoenix, located at 6107 7th Street.  Join us for food, drinks, fun and s'mores.  We would love to take a break from life and catch up with everyone.  

Fill out your availability here: https://doodle.com/poll/iksim3a5h89sdfdt

or contact Melissa at melissa@transplantfamilies.org for more information.


Celebrating a big milestone?

Let Transplant Families know if you are celebrating a big milestone.  We are now delivering Celebration Boxes to any families that have a child that has received their gift of life.  Claim yours today!

You can also nominate your child to be Transplant Champ of the month.  This helps inspire other families who have just begun their journey on the waiting list.  

All of our celebration boxes are given free of charge through donations and are powered by Shoogie Box.  Contact melissa@transplantfamilies.org for more information.

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