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Newsletter Issue No. 7 7th March, 2018

This year has been extremely hectic with The Run Inn retail arm of the business sold to Wildfire Sports and Trek. In future the event side of the company will drop Run Inn from its name to be known as Race Promotions. Those competitors that have already entered The Mt Mee Classic will receive a new E-ticket. The Glasshouse Trail Series will again be a five-race series for 2018. Note that Mt Mee is a Saturday this year to not clash with the Commonwealth games Marathon on the Sunday.

Event dates are: -

Hares and Hounds Jan 14th

Mt Mee Classic April 14th

Cook’s Tour May 13th

Flinders’ Tour July 29th

GH100 Sep 8-9th.

With the change of name of the new business comes the messy business of electronic transfer from old to new. Please be patient while this occurs. Mt Mee is up and running for entries, Cook’s Tour is nearly ready to go, Flinder’s Tour and GH100 will hopefully be ready in March.

Race 1 – Hares and Hounds January 14th

The weather bureau got it right this time, sunny and hot. We took their forecast seriously with 24 bags of ice being used on course. Ice wrapped in a towelette at every checkpoint proved a winning formula. I was surprised by the small number of DNF’s which were mainly due to minor injuries rather than heat stress. My apologies to the Ultra runners who covered a distance closer to 56km rather than the advertised 51km, no extra charge. The course was altered earlier in the week due to a possibility of a clash with forest harvesting that did not occur and I forgot to remark the original course.

HQPlantations who oversee the pine plantations in Queensland have asked us as Race Directors to inform all runners not to enter areas that are signed “Do not Enter Operations in progress”. Runners must not proceed closer than 300 meters of these areas, you must turn around and find an alternate route. If an intrusion continually occurs, it may come down to forest closure to all. Machinery was working only 300meters from our runners on race day, (Sunday) nearby to the steep track up to the Lookout. This request from HQPlantations is for all forest users, competing or training. For runners checking out the course for Cook’s Tour and GH100 later in the year, be aware the section from Mt Beerwah Picnic carpark to Peachester State Forest is now closed to the public. We have been granted special permission to still use our course on race day only.

56km winner Kieran O’Brien

56km winner Connie Stevenson

The race started at 3.30am with 26°C and rapidly rose to 38°C by the events close. Our hottest event since 1994 which saw no finishers in the 100mile, his time nearly everyone finished. Our entry numbers were up 20% on previous years, with only 1 late entry, this makes for quicker registration and more actuate supplies at checkpoints and less wastage with Brunch ordering and medical information on course.

We thank the Run Inn Runners for manning all checkpoints plus a couple of late call in volunteers, one who ran later to make up a relay team and one who qualified for a trail run in NZ by accumulating volunteer hours. We would like to thank The Woodford Men’s Shed branch for brunch and the Woodford Pool staff for their assistance.

In the 51km (56km), triple series winner Kieran O’Brien proved invincible without taking any wrong turns this time. His time 4-54.17 was 14 minutes ahead of regular starter Andy Churchman 5-08.28, with Jake Townsend 5-14.52 third. Connie Stevenson 5-45.21 was first lady home from Carmen Atkinson 6-04.10 and 2017 series winner Suzanne Chatterton 6-24.21 third.

In the Relay event, all placings went to 3-person teams with only 10 seconds separating the leaders. Deon Mclean, Mick Freeman and Dan O’Connor (5-20.19) led home Daniel Hopkins, Daniel Cook and Scott Perry (5-20.19) with mixed team Steve Collier, Alex Cronin and Emily Rummery (5-30.32) third. This year 13 Solo runners (Hares) survived the chase from the Hounds, I may have to tighten up start times next year.

Our largest event numbers increase was the 11km event, shortish distance, flattish course and into the pool, I like their thinking. Scott Mills 48.13 was the winner from John Robinson 50.33 and another regular, last year’s series runner-up Rick Wardle 51.26. Run Inn Runner Lucy Carvalho 55.40 led home the ladies with Briony Morgan 59.52 and Julie Eaddy 1-03.41 third. In the 5km Mark Palmer 33.58 led the men home with Zara Blackwell doing likewise for the women.

Relay winning team

11km winner
Lucy Carvalho

11km winner
Scott Mills

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As mentioned previously with the business changeover there was no random draws done on the day. We have donated entries into some of our upcoming events. Please contact Race Promotions on 0481 134 054 or events@racepromo.com.au to get your entry codes. These prizes are transferrable to another runner if you cannot make it but not to another event or you may select a shorter distance than your award on that day.

Random Draw Winners are: -

Zara Blackwell      9km                      Mt Mee                Sat Apr 14

Paul Venz             9km                      Mt Mee                Sat Apr 14

Gille Ruddell       12km                      Cook’s Tour         Sun May 13

Ron Peters          50km                      Cook’s Tour        Sun May 13

Melanie Canfell   52km                      Flinders’ Tour      Sun Jul 29

Steffan Krueger   Team (2 person)    Mt Mee                Sat Apr 14

Tina Weatherall   Team                      Criterium Relay  Wed Apr 25

Peter Lepper       Team                      Criterium Relay  Wed Apr 25


Pointscore standings after 1 event:-

Men Roger Guard Award            Women June Canavan Award

7 Kieran O’Brien                                   7 Connie Stevenson

6 Scott Mills                                          6 Lucy Carvalho

5 Andy Churchman, Mark Palmer,       5 Carmen Atkinson & Zara Blackwell

   Deon McLean, Mick Freeman &

   Dan O'Connor


I would like to thank all parties that help to make these events so warm and friendly.

The Groups: - The Run Inn Runners,  Moreton Bay Road Runners, Caboolture Road Runners

QNPWS,  Woodford Pool,  Beerburrum State School,  Mt Mee Sports Association

Woodford Men’s Shed, GMAN, Beerburrum SS P&C,  WICEN

The Individuals: - Ian Javes, Charlie Hall and Col Colthorpe – Course Marking

Peter Broadman and Gerard Thompson – Medical

Bob Kennedy (Pool Manager), Jenny and Gary Madders (Catering), Tamara Morris and Jenny Chaston (Catering) and Debbie Rawle (Chp 9).

The Committee: - Phil Hungerford, Ange Keyt & Peter Lisner.

We run community based events with most listed parties receiving some form of payment. We don’t make a lot of profit from these events, but we enjoy putting them on for all to enjoy our regional country atmosphere.


Guided training runs are available over any section. Please forward your interest to events@racepromo.com.au and I will co-ordinate a time table for these runs.

Qualifying Performances are required in some events and criteria are listed below. If in doubt, please forward an email to Bruce care of events@racepromo.com.au attaching a copy of your previous finisher’s results and reason for leniency and we can look at your achievements and maybe able to grant you an entry. Qualifying performances are used as a guide to allow you to successfully complete the event and understand the demands on your body, both physically and mentally.

It is recommended that all entrants take note of cut-off times and consider their level of preparation for their event.

50km or 50 mile events require a minimum marathon (42.2km) distance as a qualifier.

100km or 100 mile events require a minimum Ultra distance (over 42.2km) as a qualifier.

All qualifying performances must be done within 18 months before time of entry. The earlier you enter the event, the longer your qualifying period.

Pacers will be allowed in Cook’s Tour (50mile) and GH100 (100ml, 100km & 50km) between the hours of 6pm to 6am in 2017. Pacers must pre-enter under the category of pacer.

Start times for GH100 50km event, starting at 2.00pm Saturday.

Our limited-Edition mugs are changing, our previous supplier has retired, and Cook’s Tour will be the last of the 1st edition. We are sourcing a new local supplier for the 2nd edition to commence at Flinders’ Tour. If you are a collector of these fine mugs better sign up early for Cook’s Tour.

Calendar Date claimers for 2019:

Race 1 - Hares and Hounds Jan 20th

Go to our website www.glasshousetrailseries.com and Facebook for all the latest news.


Cheers for now,

Bruce Cook (The local Trail Runner)

Race Promotions

Phone:  0481 134 054

E-mail:  events@racepromo.com.au

PO Box 1290, Stafford, QLD. 4053