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realKNX v3.2 release info

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Changes in realKNX v3.2

realKNX v3.2 is available for download and installation.  This release focuses on usability and stability:

  • Upgrade Node.js to v6.
  • Upgrade Node-RED to v0.17.5 (release info)
  • Added Refresh Devices button for Google Home (github)
  • Fixed an issue with remoteConnect (github)
  • Fixed some issues with Smart Charts (github)
  • Added Hard reset of Node-RED (delete flows)

This video will walk you through the upgrade process:

Notes (video time)

Link to video channel

0:00 This update is not entirely automatic and will require your attention. In particular:

0:50  Enable beta versions (to be able to install NodeJs v6).

2:14 NodeJs v4 must be uninstalled manually by you!

2:34 Then you need to 'Update all' again.

2:53 proServX upgrade will be much longer than in the screencast.

3:25 Node-RED upgrade will be much longer than in the screencast.

3:40 Bring up the Resource Monitor to see the CPU activity (optional). As long as the CPU stays red, it's working with the update.

4:43 HomeKit bridge must be manually started (optional, if you don't plan to use it, leave it stopped).

5:18 The system restart is strongly recommended and will take 5-7 minutes to complete. It will be much longer than in the screencast.

6:10 If you're not planning to use Alexa/Google Home via bridge, we recommend that you stop it to save memory.

6:10 Google Home and Alexa will still be available via 'Action' and 'Skill'.

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