LT-PL CooPlatform Newsletter February 2018

Feedback of Big Idea Competion participants

Implementing the project „LT – PL Cooperation Platform Supporting Newly Established Business And Promoting Entrepreneurhip“ LT-PL-1R-048 of the (Interreg V-A) Lithuania-Poland cooperation Programme on June was held  „The Big Idea Competition“, organized by each project partners(Kaunas University of Technology (leader); Alytus College; Taurage District Municipality Administration, Kaunas chamber of commerce industry and crafts; Bialystok University of Technology; Science and technology park in Suwalki). The aim of the event was to share the best practices, encourage young people to create new businesses, and generate innovative business ideas.

1. It was a great opportunity for me to represent my team which is called „Lazeristai“ sometimes people calls us „Quattro lasers“ cause we are a team of 4 people in total. It was really a pleasure to attend this idea contest, winning for us does not matter if we get a chance to show that we are here and now. The outcome of representing the team was quite positive, we got attention and interest from some people and I even got a business card from „Junior Achievement“ aka JA project manager, he was really interested in our activity and was eager to help us in a future projects to come true. And that was not even everything, we got more orders, more renown and more work! It was all thanks to this contest, and we would gladly participate again! Irene’s (specialist of entrepreneurship) contribution to the success of the piece cannot be overstated. She was invaluable in helping us to find creative and dynamic ways of bringing these ideas to life. We were very lucky to have her.

     Paulius, Alytus, Lithuania

2. Electric motor reducer for robot chassis Comfortable construction and simple to mount. With easy replaceable bearing and shaft. The electric motor reducer for robot chassis was engineered with taking previous experiences in account and the same frequently encountered problems. Those who are constructing toy cars and robots faces the same problem of unnecessary construction and the search for additional details. Also, other motor reducers has not completely solved mechanical issues. This motor reducer was purposefully designed and created for the chassis. Many motor reducers designed so far are too simple, they need additional parts for mounting, or because of their size and design they don’t fit in, so in such cases the constructor needs to construct motor reducer himself. BIC was a very special competition for us not only by its focus on both theoretical and practical skills. It gave us a lot – knowledge and great experience from workshops about the marketing research. The most important part about BIC is its many-sides dimension which enabled us to get to know wonderful new people and make new friends.

     Small association “Gintarinis variklis”, Kaunas, Lithuania

3. We are brand-new social media marketing agency called “Brand Spices”. We provide Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn advertising and page management services. We have a B2B model and work with small to medium size companies in Lithuania, but we are planning to go abroad in 2018. We have a team of 3 full-time people.

Business development specialist provided consultations helped to realize our business idea. Jointly consultations, monthly meetings and uploaded guidelines helped to answer the main questions at the beginning.

   Small association “Brand Spices”, Kaunas, Lithuania

4. After the "BIG idea" competition, I founded MB "Ekopresas", a secondary raw materials press company. Such a contest as the BIG idea has given a lot of motivation to make the idea a reality. Consultations with a specialist in promoting entrepreneurship, we have succeeded in clearing up a number of problem solving ways that have opened up all opportunities for business development. The contest was a great chance to see how my idea is valued and to see what kind of ideas we could generate after BIG Idea. What i like the most about this competition is that everyone has bevieving in their ideas and mostly the ideas can be easy implemented. Future plans are to expand the business by involving as many suppliers and stakeholders as possible.

      Modestas Popendikas, Tauragė, Lithuania

5. Such competitions like the „BIG idea“ free up the initiative of young people to start a business, in particular during the competition itself, is the first impression of the realization of business implementation. The competition shows how other people value your business idea and can properly explain in the business sense, even a great presentation doesn‘t guarantee that your ideas is impressed by the jury but the feeling that you can present the idea to a bigger crowd gives you clear understanding how people react. In my opinion, the more such competitions, the more people would like to start their own business and to create a jobs for others.

     Arūnas Vladička, Tauragė, Lithuania.

6. BIC of STPS was won by the team „Bloodgivka” (pun on Polish and English words “Bloodgiver/Blood donor”) Julia Karpuk, Karolina Wądołowska, Piotr Kamiński. Their project was electronical system joining the blood donors, Polish Regional Center of Blood donors and blood medicine”, and medical units cooperating with Polish “Regional Center…”.

Due to the presentation of the idea the team members received science scholarship (Marek Okrągły addition: it’s important in Poland, shows commitment in the future and helps getting better job, STPS provided students not only with the certificates but additionaly with special papers that helped them to receive the scholarship). The students received additional points in trying for the “Rector scholarship”. The team presented the idea at the international conference „International entrepreneurship trainings with workshops” in Bialystok 30.11.2017-01.12.2017. The team took part in the competition “Technotalents 2017”. They are in the backup list. They received with that a privilege to take part in a workshops, where they can present the projects and received info how to develop the project in the future. The team hopes to develop the project more and implement it in the future with the help of authorities on the national level. If they will manage the resources of their surroundings they have a chance to really change the future and how blood donation is perceived. The project has many assumptions that are not implemented yet. Marek Okrągły addition: the project is not a standard enterprise project. It’s not a matter of revenues and profits, but they fit the score really well and the presentation was good. As a social project we tried to find some funding on the Marshall Office level but the project is so specific that it should be implemented on national level. The idea is really good but without “uncle minister of Health or Administration” it’s really hard to implement. The idea was to coordinate and digitize the approach to the whole process of blood donation, sending the messages to the targeted blood donors what type of blood is “required the most”, personalizing the blood donors etc.

Participants „Bloodgivka”, Suvalki, Poland.

7. The first place won the idea for an innovative product - Medic ARMBAND - medical band developed by a team composed of: Maciej Łomanowski, Magda Niewiadomska, Natalia Woroniecka, Justyna Smolińska, (Regional Scientific Circle of Friendly Systems of Information Society under the direction of Andrzej Pawluczuk, PhD). ARMBAND medical band is a device that allows continuous access to information about the patient, which will be updated during each visit to the doctor. The silicone band will incorporate a portable memory containing such information as: personal data, blood type, past and acquired diseases, diseases, medicines taken and allergies (in particular for medicines). The product is designed to facilitate the work of emergency services and gives the possibility of a faster response in the event of a life threat. The product is intended for every generation, from children to older people who may not be able to provide basic information about their health to rescuers. It will also be an ideal solution for families who care for sick people but are unable to stay in their vicinity.

The team's victory helped their members in applying for a scientific scholarship (additional points to calculate the scholarship). In addition, team members are prioritized in various types of events (financing participation in scientific conferences, seminars). In addition, the team will participate in the April conference removing the project, which will enable them to establish contacts with other winning teams from Poland and Lithuania. In addition, the team has access to the istartup project website where they can receive a lot of interesting tips on how to dispel business, improve soft skills, etc. They also have the possibility of permanent online consultations with business trainers who were speakers at the conference in Bialystok.

The winning team consists of young people who have just started their studies, so they focus first on gaining a strong theoretical foundation, and in the future use practically the knowledge gained during their studies. They are people involved in the work of the scientific circle, where they can further develop their scientific interests and then use them in their business.

Participants „ Medic ARMBAND”, Bialystok, Poland.

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