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Dates and Price Changes!

Due to some fortunate, but unforseen circumstances, I have decided to up the pre-order date for the Kings of Kal'brath Boxed Set: Books 1-3. It will be going live on October 31st. If you're on my eARC team, this doesn't have to affect you. You can still review the book on November 3rd, as that is still within a week of launch day. I would appreciate it on the new launch day, but I completely understand about schedules and life hampering our reading time.

Same books, new prices.

To boost sales, I have decided to temporarily lower the prices of Healing Wounds: Mother Book One (KoK book 2), and Twilight's Children: Mother Book Two (KoK book 3) to $2.99 from $4.99. I'm letting you know first before I blast the $2 discount out to social media.

Twilight's Children has my unique spin on vampires, so it would be a neat gift for Halloween!

Reader Polls!

Before we get into that, I wanted to apologize for the last poll. I had two websites on one hosting, a personal and professional. Because I didn't use it anymore, I got rid of the personal, and when the domain expired, everything on my host server freaked out and I had to reinstall the website from scratch. (Thank all that is Holy I keep daily backups.)

I used a polling plugin that didn't work well anyway, so I'm using a new polling software and I promise things won't go boom this time.

I need your expert opinion!

Well, you are an expert on yourself, right? I need you to take these three polls. The first is for you to tell me which retailer you use the most often. This poll is just to tell me which stores I should focus on, which I should probably unpublish my books from, and where I should publish in the future.

The second? I want to offer you exclusive content, but I don't know what you want yet! The third is to clarify what content you want. Vote now to tell me what you want, and what you want in it!

It is completely anonymous, though it does log IP addresses. Those are purged every day, sometimes every few hours because I have no need of them.

As always, your opinion matters, and I appreciate it more than you know. I can't know what you want until you tell me. :)

I still need eARC reviewers!

If you haven't already signed up, and would like to receive free advanced copies of my books in exchange for honest reviews on Launch Day, sign up here! More information and rules are on the sign up page.

Don't want to give your honest opinion in public? I understand completely. If you'd rather be a first reader to help me make future stories awesome, reply to this email to sign up to become one of my First Reader Team Members.

Reminder: I'm currently focusing on M/M (Gay male) Fantasy Romance stories now that the main three books in the Kings of Kal'brath series are out. There are more stories coming in that world, but they will be published apart from the series. Eventually, that series will have three more books (all het), and I hope to publish one per year. So, if you want to join the eARC team or the First Reader Team, make sure you are comfortable reading M/M Fantasy Romance.

Did someone say Free Stuff?

I got bored while trying to fix plot problems on one of my stories and started making desktop wallpapers. Then, I remember seeing them on one of my favorite author's websites. I thought that was an absolutely awesome idea to toss at you. You can find them here, free for personal use.

I know it's not much, but I thought they would be cute and fun little additions. Right now, I only have them for Race Against the Dark, but eventually I will have wallpapers/backgrounds for all of the books.

If you want a wallpaper or background for your device and your size isn't listed, give me a poke by replying to this email with the dimensions you want, and which book you want featured, and I'll whip it up in your size.

Now that this newsletter has turned into a book (sorry about that), I will let you enjoy your weekend. Keep being awesome!

All the best,

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