15 September 2017

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INTERVIEW with Johan Galtung: US Empire Will Collapse and Become a Dictatorship

The founder of peace and conflict studies, Dr. Johan Galtung, discusses his predictions of the US Empire collapsing and becoming a dictatorship, before eventually rebuilding its democracy.

Weekly Intelligence

The Colder War

The West–Where Are You Heading?

Oil Rich Venezuela Stops Accepting Dollars

The Pentagon's $2.2 Billion Soviet Arms Pipeline Flooding Syria

Russia Kicks Off "Biggest Display Of Military Power Since The Cold War"

Russia and China united against the dollar’s empire

Who will replace the US in Southeast Asia?

NATO supports Mongolia in transforming its defence education system

Measuring the Health of the Liberal International Order

How Mikhail Gorbachev ended the cold war

FBI, DOJ Eye Russian Media Outlets as 'Foreign Agents'

Comparing Russian and American government ‘propaganda’

Thousands evacuated as Russian cities inundated with bomb threats

South Korea President Threatens To Destroy North, Warns Of Accidental War

Jimmy Carter brands US ‘oligarchy’ & urges Trump to sign N. Korea peace treaty

North Korea solution depends on ‘containment of the US’ – John Pilger

McCain Drops Plan to Expand U.S. Military Ties With Myanmar

The New Silk Road

China Sends One of the West’s Most Critical Materials Soaring

Belt and Road Initiative is driving the $2.3 trillion Islamic Economy

Iran To Become Essential Hub In China’s Belt And Road Initiative

Iran-Russia Rail Corridor Direct to Europe

Russia-Mongolia-China Road Corridor to be Ready in 2018

Kra Canal Project Revisited As Part Of China’s Maritime Silk Road

Belt and Road Initiative: China looks askance at Nepal’s commitments

The Belt and Road as a Path to Regional Financial Integration

Mumbai-Ahmedabad Bullet Train

CPEC is an exemplary project for economic development in Pakistan

Middle East & Africa

Ethiopia — along with Mexico — the most-worsened country since 2016

Israel Security Forces Training American Cops Despite History of Rights Abuses

Saudi Arabia Clamps Down as Crown Prince Consolidates Power

Watch As Screaming Arab League Members Accuse Each Other Of Terrorism

Leaked UAE emails: Saudi Arabia came close to 'conquering' Qatar


House Tells Sessions’ Justice Dept It Will Not Stand for Civil Asset Forfeiture

The Mexican Congress Debates the Monetization of the 'Libertad' Silver Ounce

‘Los Zetas Inc.’ Author on Why Mexico’s Drug War Isn’t About Drugs

Amazon plans mega-warehouse for Mexico growth spurt

Mexico Regulator Defies Critics With Probe Into Bank Collusion

Mexico accepts Israeli offer to help develop Central America


More EU integration after German elections?

Turkey’s EU minister says Ankara feels betrayed by EU over accession process

Deep Politics

Class action suit claims Saudi Arabia helped prepare 9/11 attack

Alaska University: Impossible WTC7 Collapsed By Small Fires

Ex-spy chief jailed as elite power struggle widens in oil-rich Kazakhstan

Mystery of sonic weapon attacks at US embassy in Cuba deepens

New Zealand National MP trained by Chinese spies

ATF Ran Illegal Fund For Years With Zero Oversight, Auditing, Or Punishment

Why Are US Universities Arming Themselves With Grenade Launchers?

At Least 11 Mayors Accused Of Child Sex-Related Crimes Since 2016

Amazon Deletes One-Star Reviews Of Hillary Clinton's New Book

The Intercept Mistranslates Assad Speech - Smears Syria As Neo-Nazi

The hidden stories of medical experimentation on Caribbean slave plantations

Finance & Economy

National debt hits historic $20 trillion mark

Outlook for the dollar price of gold

The LME Is Considering The Introduction Of A Lithium Contract

Trump Blocks China-Backed Lattice Bid

Chinese government to shut down all domestic Bitcoin exchanges

Comparing Bitcoin, Ether, & Other Cryptos

Study: American Credit Card Debt Close to $1 Trillion

Ex-UBS Trader Accused by U.S. of Manipulating Metals Prices

Former Citi CEO Says AI Will Replace 30 Percent Of Banking Jobs Within 5 Years

Energy & Environment

New China Energy Star Unsated After $9 Billion Rosneft Deal

Calls to punish skeptics rise with links to climate change, hurricanes

Every childhood vaccine may go into a single jab

Study prompts call to examine flu vaccine and miscarriage

Studies Link Heavy Metals to the Explosion of Neurodevelopmental Disorders and Declining IQ in American Children

Sea salt around the world is contaminated by plastic, studies show

Volkswagen spends billions more on electric cars in search for mass market

Surveillance & Technology

How the NSA Built a Secret Surveillance Network for Ethiopia

Facebook and Google Have the Data That Should Worry You

Disqus Working With Google's Jigsaw On 'Toxic' Comment Filter

Putin: Russia to move away from foreign software for sake of security

Your Prescription Records Have Zero Expectation Of Privacy

FBI Investigates Uber's Use of 'Hell' Spying Software

India’s “robust” biometric database let millions get fake IDs

Huang and Snowden describe malware-resistant hardware iPhone overlay

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