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Justin at the Santa Monica Pivotal office after his talk, Front-End Sadness to Happiness: The React on Rails Story

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React on Rails just passed 3,100 stars! Woo hoo! Thanks for all the support (and stars)! Over the past few months, we’ve worked feverishly to get the following updates shipped:

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Why Does React on Rails Use Webpacker (Lite)?

  • Webpacker is a standard part of Rails 5.1 for using Webpack for front-end assets.
  • Letting Webpack handle all aspects of front-end asset deployment is simpler than letting the Asset Pipeline do part of it.
  • Webpack can do a better job of slimming down JavaScript with “Tree Shaking”. However, if the Asset Pipeline also minifies, some apps break.


If you’re in San Francisco, NYC, or Austin in the near future, come see my talk “Front-End Sadness to Happiness: The React on Rails Story” including a bit about rails/webpacker. You can find the details of where and when here. Here is a $100 discount to GORUCO.

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