Introducing - Plexus Navigation Matrix

Passengers can save location pairs, to be pulled up in the future. This is useful in situations when the passengers frequently go from A to B. This A to B is saved under a meaningful name tag (Home-Office for instance). The reverse Office-Home is automatically created. It is alive with complex mathematics.

Generally, the idea to give a name makes it worthwhile. QiKr stores exact GPS coordinates (GPS longitude and latitude info) interconnecting and intersecting routes and changes in three dimension. This is the plexus navigation matrix.

If you are satisfied the car has indeed reached its location, you can update a name tagĀ  with that exact address - next time there is no hunting or calling people for directions. So addresses can be used for the first time and may be off, but using the name tag after it has been saved at the destination, always takes you where you want to be; and also picks you up from where you want to go.

There is also a provision of manually entering the GPS coordinates.