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Christmas is SO CLOSE! *Squee*

Christmas is getting so close! I can barely stand it. Everyone's broke or nearly there. My cat is angry because I won't put ribbon on anything to keep from having her poop sparkle. The heating blankets feel glorious, and the snow is too pretty.

And next week, the temperature is supposed to be back in the 60's (Farenheit).

Seriously. What is up with this weather? I'm in Pennsylvania. Snow should stay until April, not disappear a few days before Christmas!

But, I digress. I'm super excited. I have one more present coming for my dad and then I am so done. No more wrapping until next year! Ugh.

Now I just have to find a way to transport that mess to my parents' house an hour away.

And worse... I still have to make it through nine more days without squealing to everyone what I got them. That is the hardest part. I can't keep a present a secret to save my life. It practically kills me. Every. Year.

Am I the only one? Do you have issues trying to keep presents a secret? I am so guilty. My parents are having a Christmas party this evening, and I'm fighting against myself. I desperately want to take everything and have my family open it all TODAY. But, protocol says I have to wait nine more days. *Internally screams and explodes*

Ugh. Halp!


And for those of you with keen eyes, the aluminum foil to the left of the picture is to keep my cat out of the living room. Had her checked out, and there's nothing physically wrong with her. She has two litter boxes that get scooped daily, and cleaned thoroughly once a week, and she still likes to pee on the carpet in there more than in her litter box. Nowhere else in the house. Just two spots in the living room.

To my surprise, tin foil is a rather awesome and effective (and humane) barrier that she simply won't cross. An idea for any other kitty overlord servants who have cats who have weird potty habits.


Anyway! I hope you are having an awesome week. Take care on the weekend, and give me a poke if you want to chat.

And as a heads up to the First Readers: I just added three more chapters to Mage of Legend. I hope you're pleasantly surprised once I release the finished product. :D I'll give more hints later.

All the best,

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