e-PUTRA Newsletter Issue 4 | Disember 2015 |

In a superlative display of achievement in all aspects, Universiti Putra Malaysia (UPM) was listed on the 38th position in the “QS Top 50 under 50” which it entered for the first time as revealed by Quacquarelli Symonds (QS) recently. READ MORE

UPM recorded a striking and remarkable achievement when it was listed in the 103rd position out of 200 top international universities from 48 countries by the Times Higher Education BRICS & Emerging Economies Rankings 2016. READ MORE

Innovative PM-FLORA shortens transfer polybags to just 10 minutes from 8 hours

The creativity to innovate to increase productivity and save time has sparked the idea of producing a tool to facilitate the transfer of saplings in polybags at nursery plots known as Plant Mobiliser-Flora (PM-FLORA) is created for use in shades for premature plants.

It facilitates the transfer of saplings between compartments based on suitability in terms of the required percentage of sunlight and age of the plants. READ MORE

UPM introduces related innovations for commercialization in Sarawak

UPM researchers have come up with 10 new innovations relating to agriculture, forestry and the environment which have the potential for commercialization.

Among the innovations which have the potentials to attract the attention of industry players in Sarawak are Multiplex Assay For Detection Of Bario Rice, Methods and Materials for Eliminating Nematode Pests in Black Pepper, Method of Isolating Humic Acid, A Fertilizer Composition, An Improved Plant Treatment Agent, A Method of Producing 'Compreg' Oil Palm Wood and V-Grooving: Bamboo Flattening for Laminated Bamboo Timber Production. READ MORE

Hang Tuah: Catatan Okinawa, authored by UPM lecturers

A book entitled Hang Tuah: Catatan Okinawa, co-authored by Universiti Putra Malaysia (UPM) Bahasa Melayu Department lecturers, touched on the Ryukyu Empire, also known as Okinawa, and diplomatic relations with the Malacca Empire as stated in Rekidai Hoan, a historical document which had been verified as valid by scholars and the finding of archeological evidence to prove the existence of Hang Tuah. READ MORE

UPM students make clean sweep in Software Category at Software & SAS BDA Hackathon 2015

Bachelor of Computer Science students from the Computer Science & Information Technology Faculty (FSKTM), UPM made a clean sweep of all the prizes under the software category at the ‘Software & SAS BDA Hackathon 2015’ event. READ MORE

UPM turns greener via Coca Cola-UPM’s Recycle To Cycle Programme

UPM has now turned “greener” through the “Recycle To Cycle” (R2C) programme initiated by the university and Coca-Cola Malaysia. Following the introduction of the campaign about three years ago, UPM has significantly reduced the number of buses plying the routes within its campus, with most of the buses now powered by NGV. READ MORE

UPM’s Conservatory Park highlights nearly 500 exotic plant species

As a one-stop spot for native and exotic plants, UPM Conservatory Park features a collection of nearly 500 species of such plants.

The park sprawling on an area of almost one hectare, is the focal point for research, learning, reference as well as recreation.

Complete with a nursery, it draws visitors who want to get the plants or herbs for the purpose of traditional treatment. READ MORE

UPM Forestry Faculty to co-chair Asia Pacific Forestry steering committee

The Forestry Faculty of UPM has been picked as the co-chairman for the Steering Committee in the Asia-Pacific Forestry Education Coordination Mechanism for five years, beginning 2016 till 2020. READ MORE

UPM-PESMY synergise collaboration in agriculture, livestock and halal industry

UPM and Panasonic Eco Solutions Malaysia Sdn. Bhd. (PESMY) signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) to work together to produce synergised outcomes in the fields of agriculture, livestock and halal industry. READ MORE

UPM hosts conference on crop improvement via new technologies

Institute of Tropical Agriculture with the cooperation of the Agriculture Faculty recently organized an International Conference on Crop Improvement (ICCI 2015) for environmental preservation and the use of sustainable agriculture produce. READ MORE

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