Follow Bryan back to the Time of the Highlander!

I am so excited to share with you the third and final story in the Love for All Times trilogy, To the Time of the Highlander. I hope you find it a fun, romantic, satisfying conclusion to the series. Although, never say never -- many of many advanced reader team have told me they would love more, so perhaps another in this series will be forthcoming.

I will be honest -- it seemed like Bryan and Sorcha wrote this story themselves, straying from my original plotline, but ending up in the best place possible.  

The book is only $0.99, and always free with Kindle Unlimited!

Enjoy :)

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Searching for answers...

When his ex-girlfriend seemingly disappears, Bryan Smith knows something isn’t right. Unable to move on until he puts the past behind him, Bryan sets out to her last known destination of Stonehaven, Scotland. There, his search leads him down a path he would have never thought possible.

Looking for hope...

Sorcha Singleir has always known her destiny was to marry a man chosen by her father. When she finally meets him, however, she despairs at the life ahead of her, but can’t find a way out without bringing ruin on her clan. Then one night a mysterious but handsome stranger appears in her bedroom, bringing with him more questions than answers.

Longing for an impossible love...

Bryan wants to help the beautiful, troubled young woman, but can’t seem to find a way to prevent her marriage to another. As much as she knows it can never be, Sorcha can’t help but be drawn to the captivating yet mad foreigner. With all the barriers between them, will they find love forever, or will it be captured in a brief moment in time?

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