Monday, January 8th, 2018



5-3  +23.45  (106.30)  +22.06%

BB:   2-2  +10.45  (75.5)  +13.84%



36-30-3   +45.10  (761.90)  +5.92%

BB:  11-11-1  +20.15  (411.25)  +4.90%


     Finish off a pretty solid first week of 2018 with the big help being the PL hit on the Blackhawks.  Carolina was able to wake up in the 2nd half and that rally allowed them to make the number against the Saints.  Disappointment of the day was Miami failing to play worth a shit until the final two minutes of a 1 point win.

     National title game goes tonight... Tide seeks to continue their domination of college football while fellow SEC member, Georgia, seeks to crash the party and return to big time prominence.



NCAA Football

BEST BETS (Season):  35-29  +90.70


BEST BET 19* Alabama -4

     Here is the bottom line crux of my decision making here... While Bama does not possess a true pass throwing QB or a dynamic offense what they do possess is a monster defense particularly upfront.

     Georgia is a similar team in the aspect they like to line up and smash the ball down your throat and that makes life easier on their freshman QB... another thing a freshman QB.

     Freshman QB seeking to lead his team to a win against a monster team as Alabama is... simply do not see him having a "great" game here in this spot.  Perhaps he won't need it, but if he makes mistakes here tonight, Alabama will certainly feast.

     Give me the more imposing team in what will be a physical type game... more seasoned less talented QB against a more polished thrower that is a freshman.  Bama defense will control the flow and this game will be a typical big boy grinding SEC type game as compared to the wide open championship of last season.


ALABAMA 23  Georgia 16





BEST BETS (Season):  34-43-3  -242.30


January results:

6-6  +3.00

Total stake: 157.30    ROI: +1.91%


Stake breakdown:


(7) 2-3


(15) 1-1

(17) 3-2



BEST BET 17* Houston -5.5


7* Milwaukee +1.5

7* Cleveland +1




NCAA Basketball

BEST BETS (Season):  25-30-2  -138.90


January results:

20-14-3   +29.00

Total stake: 368.50   ROI:  +7.87%


Stake breakdown:

(5) 4-2

(7) 11-8-2

(11)  1-1


(17) 0-2

(19) 3-1-1





BEST BETS (season): 2-4  -12.25


January results:

4-7  -2.80

Total stake: 131.76    ROI: -2.13%


Stake breakdown:

(5) 1-1  +1.80

(7) 1-2


(13) 0-1  -13.00

(15) 2-3  





NFL Wildcard Playoffs

BEST BETS (season):  20-29-2  -215.60




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